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Elon Musk Twitter “Picassol NFT Auction” $250 Million Massive Purchase Happening Soon



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A Elon’s tweet “Who else is waiting for Picassol’s private auction?” brought awareness to the world when Picassol NFT project was supposed to be a secret that was prepared since January 2021.

The “VIP buyers” are 6000+ crypto-loving net-worth-in “hundreds of million dollars”, world-famous billionaires, CEOs of top corporations and of course, the celebrities.

Before Elon Musk’s tweet was seen by thousands, the Picassol project and the identity of its more than 6000 VIP buyers have remained private…

Some celebrities waiting to buy “already minted Picassol NFTs” for $5 Million average price per already minted NFT include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Radcliffe, Elon Musk, and Paris Hilton.

Many of these rich and famous VIP buyers have been caught on social media pages, radio channels, and during live stream events.

Most shocking is that aside from Paris Hilton and Elon Musk, most of these VIPs are very secretive and have rarely had any connection to cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based projects.

Interested crypto enthusiasts can check out the Picassol project’s Discord for detailed information about their Private Auctions.

Find more details on their Discord channel but, in short, “Three Parties” that must come together for the private auctions to occur.

They are classified as 1.  NFT minters who mint Picassol artworks for $50 – $100 in “SOL” (VIPs can’t mint) 2.  6000+ VIPs who don’t mint NFTs but are willing and able to buy minted NFTs for an “average” of several millions of dollars. And lastly 3. The Picassol system comprises 100+ specialists in the NFT space.

The entire Picassol NFT ecosystem was carefully designed to ensure that all parties involved won big. Since its preparation in January 2021, they have operated a system that allows VIPs to acquire NFTs even when they cost millions of dollars seamlessly.

The expected sell out time is within 1 second. If anyone ever thought “Mekaverse was big”, it is very small compare to Picassol Project’s scale.

Join Picassol’s Discord & follow their Twitter to stand a chance to win a free NFT worth up to eight figures. Here are their official links:

Every minter (if they are lucky enough to mint) will sell their minted NFT for average of $5 Million US dollars. This means that half of the minters will get it for that price.

According to the experts, every minter will sell theirs for minimum 5-6 digits and maximum of just below 9 digits in USD. That is $90 Million US dollars.

Selling their minted NFT at “The Private Auction” should be easy, as it happens every month and there will be not enough NFTs as every VIP wants to buy at least 20 NFTs. A private interview by anonymous VIP said, “It’s a best system that I ever seen. Everyone will want 20 at least. I want 100 or more honestly”.

It concludes “selling the minted NFT at Monthly Private Auction is not a problem”. Only thing to think is “how to sell it for the maximum bidding price of $90 Million US dollars”.

Picassol have a special a “special non-ending event” that they give out a random time a free NFT ticket to anyone who is “online on Discord”. It is common sense that it does not hurt to just simply join their Discord and one day anyone can wake up with $20 Million NFT.

Since minimum anyone can sell is around $100,000, as long as anyone wins one or even two, it is likely that they can sell for average going price of $5 Million or more right away.

The Picassol project’s Mint Date is scheduled for in December 2021. Mint fees will be about $50 in Solana, but it will be difficult as it will get sold out within 1 second.

It might have a higher chance if investor is just online on their Discord of their random daily NFT giveaway for online users. To mint for $50 and sell for $50,000,000 ($50 Million) seem like a possible case for many people in December.

Elon Musk and Paris Hilton, both have prepared $250 million each in Solana ($500 Million) to purchase as many NFTs as possible at the Picassol’s private auction.

This explains the “rising price of Solana” as 6000+ VIPs started to prepare Solana when the tweet was made in sometime between September and October.

Picassol’s Discord here and also Picassol’s  official  Twitter.  Learn more about their free NFT events! Here are their official links:

“Now is the Earliest Time to Join” and also “Bizarrely Funny to See 6000+ VIPs Burner Discord Accounts” that they already joined, “Only” to use for the monthly private auction dates.



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