Empowerment, Freedom, and Mobility – Saudi Arabia Fashion Reforms for Women

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries for many years that don’t allow women to have personal freedom. Especially in terms of pf dress code. But the new reforms in the governments led to the improvement of the women’s fashion of the dressing code. As reforms and social change take place, there is also a change in dressing style, reflecting the long-awaited liberty in the country. Women in the nation suffered a lot due to a lot of gender imbalance experienced. The women appear like slaves, even in their own homes and even the country. Some women consider wearing a plain black abaya, but still, others are replacing it with the new model with creative twists. Various abayas designs developed over time, and they include open – front, kimono dress coat – style, and jump style. The tension of the kind specific kind of abaya for women in Saudi Arabia is relaxed since women can now incorporate the workwear at their comfort. These include the open – front abayas which are better compared to the traditional completely closed abaya. In today’s abaya, the women can wear sports clothing and even leggings underneath as well.

New fabrics and fresh style

Saudi Arabia is the third huge Muslim country with a consumer market for footwear and apparel; this is according to the Global Islamic economy. In recent years, the abayas available in the market had a similar design, and there was no variation of the pattern and the color. That means the design was the same as always. Today there is a lot of shift in the design of abaya since many look like dresses. There is variation in the length and shortness because abayas with shorter sleeves and lengths are valuable in the market, making them less uniform. The open abaya collection displays the images of various styles of abayas available for women. The images are available in the book and even on the online platform, and one can comfortably choose at the comfort of their home the kind of abaya they want.

Fashion is good in the keeping of history. Just by considering the Arabic fashion one can note uncountable changes in the abaya design from the latest to the recent ones in the market. Fashion facilitates in telling how things have changed in eve in people lives. By owning an abaya, one can try to track when it originated, and the time it entered the market. Before women started getting into the workplace, everything else appeared just normal and traditional, especially the kind of abaya. After educating women, they began to find their ways in the job market to learn about the upcoming abaya designs like jersey, linen, and lighter and had good fabric. They appeared decent as compared to the traditional abaya. But things have currently changed, women can now wear what look like outerwear and even take a trip to another country. There is a lot of improvement of the Arabian fashions, thus making the life of women better.

The creativity of female designers

The previous dress code changes have created the female designers’ path to start creating collections that speak for women in Arabic countries. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, there is a rise in the local female designers who have produced hand-embroidered garments within the country. There is also the introduction of a traditional technique making lightweight fabrics out of metallic threads. Adopting abayas that have combined luxury fabrics with femininity is a new generation way the Arab women are taking.  Saudi Arabia has an uncountable number of women in design and has played a key role in designing a more comfortable abaya used as the Arabic clothing for women.  The female fashion designers are out to have a decent garment design without losing the cultural heritage of their community and even the country.

Fashion industry

Saudi Arabia has big plans of developing the fashion industry, and already an established Fashion Commission with national scholarship is in place to support the local talents. Women are more interested in fashion as compared to men.  Women also currently have the freedom to access fashion and become fashion designers without interacting with men. The commitments to fashion require discipline so that the designer will become the best in the world.

In the fashion industry is where women have shown they can still make it in today’s world. This is a result of the freedom and empowerment given to them by various countries. For anyone to become an expert in producing Arabic clothing, there is a requirement to know-how to make dresses locally or personally.

Strategies of building fashion industry.

Saudi Arabia has always been on the front line to support the local talents to get into the fashion industry and produce their clothes, especially the abaya worn by women. The government invests a lot of money to support the upcoming designers by giving them scholarships. The scholarships help fashion designers acquire the knowledge and the skills necessary for making abayas and other clothes. These scholarships also support the self – employed individuals and young entrepreneurs in the local fashion sector. Therefore, it is not only the government which supports the growth of the Arabian fashion, but there are still other private bodies like fashion industry incubator.

The scholarships support aspiring students who desire fashion and design but have the financial need.  More than 100% of the Saudi Arabia country funds go into the scholarship programs for the students. Scholarships also help empower women who are struggling, to start working in the local fashion industry and start earning after producing abaya.

There is also the investment of a lot of money to research, write, and document the new fashion findings for the abaya. Arab women’s dress may look very simple, but they require a lot of input to make the best out of them. They’re getting the best design one will get the best type of abaya.

After the women attained freedom in Saudi Arabia apart from even the fashion industry, they can freely participate in other programs that require men’s effort; for example, in sports. Women are encouraged to get out of their comfort zones and seize available opportunities in fashion. It the best-selling due to the high demand for Arab women’s dress due to the increasing population in Saudi Arabia. Due to the improvement of women’s freedom even in other Arabic countries, it created a remarkable change in the female workforce in many jobs, especially in the fashion industry.

This writing’s main objective is to reveal the advantages of empowering women and giving them freedom of movement and more so the ability to choose the kind of clothes to wear. The standard of the abaya remains, meaning that despite even the advancement of technology, the Arabic world tries all the best not to produce clothes that don’t have decency. Decent is comes first before buying the women’s dress in Saudi Arabia. The Arabic clothing is so unique, and for all the women to fit in this society, it’s a must for them to wear abaya. Abaya creates a sign of self-respect to many women since they are respected worldwide because they don’t expose their primate parts to public life as experienced in western countries.

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