Facts about Cheng Tseng (Founder/CEO – Vandera.io) You Probably Didn’t Know

Cheng Tseng is the CEO of Vandera, the world’s largest Fractional share trading platform. Vandera grew from an idea to the biggest market for trading in just a few months. Cheng, turned into an industry icon pretty quickly, becoming a sensation in the world of Trading.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about him.

He rose to Fame in Less than 1 year

Vandera was founded in February 2019 to service Asset Management firms and hedge funds, and it was launched globally to online clients in the beginning of 2020 It became the biggest share trading market in the world in a little under 6 months. Its fund raising led by some of the largest venture capitalist firms in the world raised over $15 Million USD in January 2020.

He Worked on Another Trading System before Founding Vandera

In 2005, Cheng was in The United States, where he Joined the team that developed Metatrader. It was a trading platform for brokers. He started his crypto journey in 2013 with blockchain.com.

The Maserati Giveaway

He seems to love rather unusual marketing tactics. Vandera has offered several promotions. One of them had a Maserati as a giveaway! While Cheng himself isn’t a car Fanatic, his company’s promotional methods have generated a lot of attention. Although we’ll have to give it to his marketing director who came up with this idea.

He Worked at many hedge funds

Cheng was born in Hubei, a province in China. His parents moved to Canada soon after he was born. As a young man, he started working to help with the household expenses. In the 1990’s, he joined the financial industry.

Later, he went to McGill University and studied Economics and finance. He was also passionate about stock markets and trading, which made him choose this career.

He’s Minting Money Now

Worked at gas stations and Wallmart, and he’s here now. His company, vandera.io is expected to rake in about $20 Million in profits in 2020 alone. Even with the Current Economic situation, Vandera has recorded massive trading activity.

Deposits and Withdrawals were halted during the covid 19 crisis, and should be lifted once they complete their Malta relocation which was stalled because of the pandemic.

With such unprecedented success, Cheng has become a notable figure, and rightly so. His company, Vandera can easily handle thousands of transactions per minute.


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