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Feature of amateur mixes by DJ ALEX AliDAD, the most famous DJ in the Middle East



Feature of amateur mixes by DJ ALEX AliDAD the most famous DJ in the Middle East

Highlights of amateur mixes

You have spent many hours mixing your new piece, but whatever you do, your piece still does not find the quality of the mix of your favorite music.

You’ve tried everything, you’ve strengthened the bass, you’ve affected everything, you added more parts (and deleted them again), and you even raised the level mix, but you still sound good Not created. What should you do? You may have made mistakes while composing the song.

Making music is usually a solo experience – you compose in your bedroom and go about your dreams. But on the other hand, this makes you very close to the project.

One of the parts that help you get the most out of a piece is to be able to look at your work from a distance and judge it fairly impartially, which of course requires a pair of quality studio monitors. . You can only hear all the dynamics and frequency ranges of the mixes and the interaction of the musical parts of your work if you can hear them properly.

A good monitor should have the most uniform frequency response possible so that the sound can reach your ears unpainted. For example, if your speakers have too much bass, you will reduce the bass intensity while mixing, and eventually, your efforts will cause your mix to have less volume on other systems.

In general, you should not use headphones to monitor the sound while mixing, unless you really know what you are doing or your room has very poor acoustics. You should also listen to it as much as possible on different systems when it comes to the final stages of the mix; The more you do this, the more you realize the flaws in your work.

Also, try to figure out what kind of piece you want your mix to look like. You will learn a lot by comparing your mixes with the works of your favorite artists or works made in the genre you are considering.

Listen and learn

Getting feedback from others is certainly important, but getting valuable and accurate feedback can be difficult. Just as composing is a very personal process, the tastes of your listeners and those who comment on you are very different.

The solution is to pay attention to the feedback of a number of people who really have enough knowledge.

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