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Important points that make a DJ great From the language of DJ Shoeib, the famous and popular Iranian DJ “Shebi”




I and the people who work in this collection are not space creatures, but only through our long-term presence in the field of electronic music and a lot of contact with different types of DJs and our personal activity in the field of DJs, we have achieved things and paid attention to Perhaps few people do that. Good things and things that show you are a professional are often subtle. But instead of arguing about what makes you a professional,

This is not just about becoming a professional. But it is often a mystery to those who consider DJing to be just a hobby. Changing a positive attitude is extremely important for a DJ. We do not mean a slight deviation. Rather, it is about creating and having a clear and unambiguous approach to everything involved in the DJ profession. Fantastic DJs often take things in stride. They are problem solvers, not problem makers. Being a diva in France is just a hobby, but an individual DJ is completely different. Knowing one or two languages ​​more than your mother tongue is a strength. This and other small skills represent a person who is still eager to learn. So learning is an important factor in changing attitudes, and the more knowledge you have, the more mutual respect you will receive, and you do not have to go back a few more years for what you can learn now and just want to start. This is more about those who think they have a place in Berlin and were born in the wrong place, but if they ever go to Berlin and fail to understand a German sentence, all their ambitious hopes will be dashed.

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