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Moissanite Engagement Rings, A Symbol of Eternal Bond



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Emerging as a symbol of faith and that of eternal bond, the attractive, exquisite and eye-catching engagement rings have become very popular in the USA due to their mass acceptance by the people. has become the first choice of the young couples as far as the issue of engagement rings is concerned. We know the engagement ring signifies love, affection, sentiment, commitment and pledge to never apart.

Hence, they are crafted by the company with extreme care and fondness. now introduces the world’s most beautiful engagement ring collection with extensive choices and prices to suit the pocket of all the couple.

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The biggest advantage of Moissanite engagement rings is its wide array of designs which catches the eye of the people. Such designs are both modern and antique thus fulfilling the desires of all. Moissanite also crafts engagement rings with ultra-modern features as per the demand of the customers.

Since Moissanite is more concerned about the holy tradition of engagement rings, it is not looking at profit thus making the prices range in all denominations making them affordable to all people. The motto is simple: the company does not want to deprive anyone from their dream of wearing a Moissanite engagement ring.

Click here to browse engagement rings made by or visit to shop engagement rings

Moissanite engagement rings are famous for the gem which may give the luster of a pure diamond yet it is not so. They are extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking. They make such engagement rings more tradition oriented yet fashionable, something that would surely attract the eyes of people.  

Before we know the magic of Moissanite creating on the engagement rings, let us have a look at this material Moissanite. It is a mineral that occurred some 50,000 years ago by a meteorite. Available as faceted gemstone in a wide array of shapes and sizes, a Moissanite is more heat resistant than diamond.

Ever since its foundation in 2005 by Mike and Jera Christensen, never looked back with its quality products of engagement rings becoming a global leader in Moissanite gems and jewelry.

This was made possible as Mike Christensen has family tradition and legacy for creating engagement rings and jewelry for decades together.

He is a fourth-generation jeweler from Las Vegas. It was his great-grandfather who created his first jewelry store on Fremont Street 80 years ago. This perhaps is the reason why perfection speaks in each and every product created by

The company is reputed for providing a large variety of rings and jewelry offering the best competitive price with total assurance of the quality of Moissanite and diamonds.

The company sources Moissanite from experts who know what is what of this gem. This is due to the reason that Moissanite gems don’t come with 3rd party lab certification. Hence, the opinion of Moissanite experts matters here.

The company, to a great extent, can be credited with popularizing Moissanite in the USA as when it was launched in 2005, the Americans practically had no or very little was known about Moissanite. Even Mike and Jera themselves had to learn about this gem. Soon, however, Moissanite engagement rings caught the eye of the Americans.

Moissanite engagement rings turned quite popular across the US. The people realized Moissanite engagement rings made the difference with its luster, light, uniqueness and elegance.

As the popularity of this gem started growing,  partnered with several American jewelry manufacturers to offer the vast selection with exquisite designs. The popularity of this engagement ring started spreading in such cities as New York, Nevada, Washington, Ohio, and Louisiana.

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