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Globetrotting photographer John Rapisardi reminisces about his roots and aspirations



John Rapisardi

Photography is often regarded as a profession that requires passion and talent in equal measure. While some people spend years honing their skills, some are inherently gifted in this regard. John Rapisardi is an excellent example of a skilled photographer who’s talent behind the lens is truly commendable. His passion for photography and travel has led him to create an astounding portfolio of breathtaking vistas.
Born in Manhattan, 27-year-old John Rapisardi is a profound individual with an old soul. A hard worker with a creative eye, John began developing his talent for design and photography at a young age.

“It started with just painting with my mom and grandmother,” explains John. “My grandmother was a really talented artist but she grew up in a time when there were not as many opportunities and outlets for creatives, and especially creative women.”

John pursued digital and newspaper design in high school, winning several Gold Circle Awards from Columbia University, and then pivoted towards photography in his college years.

John focuses on his portrait and fashion photography on days off and weekends when he is not focused on real estate. He has photographed models from top agencies and has worked with high profile social media personalities and artists. John’s photos of locations such as Grenada, Beirut, Byblos, Miami, and Fire Island have received critical praise.

With one look at his Instagram profile, it is evident John is exceptionally talented. John comes from a long line of writers, poets, and intellectuals, which can be traced back to the famous 19th-century Sicilian poet Mario Rapisardi. John is no exception to this heritage. With the world at his doorstep, John Rapisardi is ready to capture every moment.

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