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Google Doodle celebrates Earth Day 2021 to urges everybody to Restore Our Earth by plant the seed to a brighter future



Google Doodle celebrates Earth Day 2021 to urges everybody to Restore Our Earth by plant the seed to a brighter future

Search engine Google celebrates Earth Day 2021 with an animated video Doodle on April 22, 2021. The US-based tech giant has made an animated doodle as well as a short video that urges everybody to plant the seed to a brighter future—each sapling at a time. The animated Doodle urges us to help restore the planet we as a whole rely upon. The theme of the day this year is “Restore Our Earth”.

Earth Day is celebrated every year across the world on April 22 to support environmental protection. For the unconscious, Earth Day was birthed by Gaylord Nelson, a US senator from Wisconsin. April 22 was first celebrated as Earth Day in the year 1970, which is when around 20 million Americans took to the streets in demand for a healthy and sustainable environment.

Earth Day appeared after the environment started confronting different challenges — oil slicks, smog, pollution, among other things. On April 22, 1970, when the first Earth Day was marked, around 10% of the whole United States population — in those days around 20 million — took to roads across cities and colleges to protest against the negligence of the environment.

The protesters likewise demanded a new way forward for the planet. Earth Day is celebrated by planting trees, getting roadside trash, directing different programs to motivate individuals to receive ways for sustainable living.

This year, the theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth and highlights five primary programs: The Canopy Project, Food and Environment, Climate Literacy, the Global Earth Challenge, and The Great Global CleanUp.

Google has decided to mark the day with an animated Google doodle that leaves us thinking about trees.

Google video Doodle on Earth Day 2021

The current year’s annual Earth Day Doodle features how everybody can plant the seed to a brighter future—one sapling at a time!

The planet we call home keeps on nurture life and inspires wonder. Our current environment strives to support us, which calls for us to give back in kind. The present Google video Doodle shows a variety of trees being planted within natural habitats, one of the numerous ways we can do our part to keep our Earth healthy for future generations.

This Earth Day—and every day—we urge everybody to discover one small act they can do to restore our Earth. It will undoubtedly take root and blossom into something beautiful.

Google Doodle begins with a woman reading a book under a huge tree while her daughter brings a sapling to plant. The video is followed by individuals teaching their young ones to plant trees. Generally, the Doodle video features how one generation teaches another generation how to plant the seed to a more promising time to come.

The present Google Doodle includes an illustration of an elderly woman, half-asleep beneath a tree that she had planted, while a little girl continues to plant a sapling.

The special illustration leads you to a short film, named Earth Day 2021 Doodle, on YouTube. In the clip, a little girl plants a sapling that develops into a tall tree as she ages. At that point, she inspires a little boy to plant a tree. The cycle proceeds.

On Earth Day 2020, more than 100 million individuals throughout the world observed the 50th anniversary of what is being referred to as the biggest online mass mobilization in history.

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