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Google Doodle celebrates Turkish first female medical doctor Safiye Ali’s 127th birthday



Google Doodle celebrates Turkish first female medical doctor Safiye Alis 127th birthday

Google Doodle celebrates the 127th birthday of a Turkish physician Safiye Ali, the first female medical doctor of the Republic of Turkey, on February 2, 2021.

Who was Safiye Ali?

She was born on February 2nd, 1894 in Istanbul in the Ottoman Empire (presently Turkey). She was a Turkish doctor, educator, author, and social reformer Safiye Ali who is broadly credited as the country’s first female doctor. Ali dedicated herself to the improvement of women’s education on medical issues and battled vigorously to ensure the health of the nation’s children.

In 1921, Safiye Ali was a graduate of Robert College in Istanbul. She treated the troopers in the Balkan Wars, World War I, and the Turkish War of Independence. She studied medicine in Germany in 1916 and opened her office in Istanbul in 1923.

Safiye Ali’s name is given to a family health center in Istanbul. She has done significant research on the welfare of moms and babies. With the exercises she gave to female students, she likewise made history as the first woman to teach medicine.

Dr. Safiye Ali spent her student years in Germany as an extremely elaborate student. She helped German doctors in their offices even on holidays, studied, and took exercises in philosophy and history. In the test to get the doctor’s title, she was the lone Turk in the exam and her objective was to get first place.

In June 1923, in Turkey, Safiye Ali acquired her license as the first female doctor. She opened her first practice in Cağaloğlu. She attempted to become well known in a newspaper advertisement like different doctors did around then.

Safiye Ali was not simply a clinical doctor. Her aims were route over that. She additionally made history as the first female teacher to teach medicine to girls by giving gynecology and obstetrics exercises at the first girls’ medical school set up within the American College.

Dr. Safiye Ali’s work in the Turkish Women’s Union, her perspectives on women’s rights, and her photographs were as often as possible published in newspapers. Safiye Ali resigned from Süt Damlası, as she was dealt with unreasonably by her colleagues. The present situation was met with extraordinary sorrow by his patients.

Against her opponents, who claimed that Safiye Ali was the coordinator of these fights, Safiye Ali repeated that these allegations were absurd and that the issue was created by male doctors who resent the achievement of women, and she would not withdraw her resignation. At the height of her career, she was blocked from helping her patients.

Safiye Ali, who was irritated more than once by her male associates while playing out her profession and attempted to be silenced by the ridiculous allegations made against her, resolutely proceeded with her battle until the day that she understood a mass in her chest.

In the wake of being diagnosed with cancer, she settled in Germany. She proceeded with her services there, regardless of her disease during the years of World War II. Her 58-year successful life finished in Dortmund.

Emphasizing the superiority of breast milk over all other milk, Safiye Ali urged women to breastfeed. She organized training for malnourished children to have a healthy diet.

What’s more, she set up the Hilal-I Ahmer Ladies Center Little Children Practice. In this establishment, which resembles the continuation of Süt Damlası, the thing that matters was the age of the kids.

The point was to teach moms healthy and modern childcare. Süt Damlası and Safiye Ali were enthroned in moms’ hearts. Notwithstanding her volunteer effort, her training was additionally packed with patients.

Dr. Safiye Ali, who served in the Women’s Union as the Head of the Health Committee, likewise attempted to battle prostitution. She was stressed over girls driven into prostitution and began dealing with opening a girls’ dorm for these girls.

On February 2, 2021, Google Doodle, represented by Izmir, Turkey-based visitor artist Hüseyin Sönmezay, observed Safiye Ali’s 127th Birthday.


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