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Google launches a new ‘Explore’ app for Chromebook



Google launches a new Explore app for Chromebook

Google has launched another app for Chromebook called Explore, which will help clients take full advantage of their machines.

‘Explore’ app will assist clients with navigating Chromebook. It’s a developed form of Get Help, the past in-product education app. Additionally, it planned for helping clients get the most from the Chromebook experience. For example, as a major aspect of the onboarding procedure, it can teach you how to change your wallpaper or lock your screen.

“Think of the Explore app as your compass for navigating your Chromebook. It’s an evolved form of Get Help, our previous in-product education app. Now, when you log in to a Chromebook for the first time and complete the initial onboarding, the Explore app orients you to learn about the most helpful Chrome OS features. The Explore homepage gives you easy access to answers and visual tutorials to some of the most commonly-asked questions from new Chromebook owners, like how to best manage your files on Chromebook across local storage and Google Drive, or how to set up a printer with Chromebook,” says Alexander Kuscher, Director of Chrome OS Software.

“In the US, you can use the Explore app to get free access to 100GB of storage and more through Google One for a year, free access to the popular game Stardew Valley, and free three months access to Disney+,” informed Google.

Kuscher further says, “You can venture through the Explore app at your own pace. Complete lessons and check back for new content when you’re looking for a specific answer or if you’re eager to make sure you’re maximizing your Chromebook. Explore also includes helpful features for Chromebook enthusiasts. It has a tab for quick access to some of the best Chromebook perks, so you can quickly redeem them.”

Google likewise declared some different features like Overview key that enables the clients to zoom out and see all the open windows, to perform multiple tasks across windows masterfully.

An Overview, “you can drag windows from your Chromebook’s screen to an external monitor and vice versa. You can also easily split your screen from Overview, which makes it easier to multitask,” said Google.

On the off chance that you want to attempt the app, you don’t have to install anything, as Google suggests it will be automatically installed on totally supported Chromebooks. It isn’t clear if it will be delivered in a future operating system upgrade or added to existing machines quietly in the background.

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