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“Hey India” App is Instagram rival from ASTNT Technologies, Available On Google Play



Hey India

With popular short video-making app TikTok down in India, rival apps have lately been all the rage in the country. After a border clash with the neighboring country China went on to eventually generate an anti-China sentiment across the nation, a total of 59 Chinese apps were banned in India at once over security concerns, including TikTok. Now rival apps are “Hey India” which is made in India by Akhilendra Sahu.

Let’s appreciate the work of Akhilendra Sahu Founder of ASTNT Technologies for introducing, India’s own Photo, Video Sharing Social Media Platform named ‘HEY INDIA’.

‘Hey India’, provides the feature of sharing videos, photos, links, and stories.Another feature includes the lobby for private chat and video call;it too gives option for following and followers. Through the following, we can follow the person or pages, whom we appreciate for their work.

so that our feed is full of their posts that we want to surround with. We should always appreciate the creation but accept it in our own way; whereas we are aware of banning some foreign apps. This is the time when we should appreciate and promote the works of Our Young Entrepreneur as AKHILENDRA SAHU Founder of ASTNT Technologies and his team. Even starting with the small appreciation will bring a great change, thus we need to stand together to appreciate their work and make them motivated with hope, that we as a single unit are ready to see the magic of their further new ideas.

You can install “Hey India” App From Google Play Store -

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