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Greek Independence Day 2021: Google Doodle Celebrates Greece National Day



greece independence national day 2021

Google Doodle celebrates Greek Independence Day 2021, a national holiday celebrated every year in Greece on March 25, remembering the beginning of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. This year Greece observes the 200th anniversary of the flare-up of the Greek Revolution.

It corresponds with the Greek Orthodox Church’s celebration of the Annunciation to the Theotokos when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary and disclosed to her that she would bear the son of God. Greek Independence Day is praised on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

Greek Independence Day History

Greece had been essential for the Ottoman Empire since 1453. The Greek revolt was precipitated on March 25, 1821, when Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the flag of revolution over the Monastery of Agia Lavra in the Peloponnese. The cry “Freedom or Death” became the motto of the revolution.

In 1821, the Greeks ascended against the Ottoman Empire which had involved Greece for very nearly 400 years, prompting the war of independence.

The Greeks experienced early triumphs on the battlefield, remembering the capture of Athens for June 1822, yet infighting resulted. By 1827 Athens and most of the Greek isles had been recovered by the Turks.

Similarly, as the revolution seemed, by all accounts, to be very nearly disappointment, Great Britain, France, and Russia mediated in the contention. The Greek battle had inspired strong sympathy in Europe, and many leading intellectuals had promoted the Greek cause, including the English poet Lord Byron.

At the maritime Battle of Navarino, the consolidated British, French, and Russian powers obliterated an Ottoman-Egyptian fleet. The revolution finished in 1829 when the Treaty of Edirne set up an independent Greek state.

Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the Greek flag at the monastery of Agia Lavras, instigating the Peloponnese to ascend against the oppressors.

While the specific date most likely might not have been March 25th, it is recognized to have happened in late March and it was continuously connected with the religious Feast of the Annunciation.

The first modern Greek state was established in 1828 under the name “Hellenic State” and comprised of the Peloponnese and part of Central Greece. The first governor was John Kapodistrias who established schools and orphanages and aided make extraordinary advances in the improvement of the Greek economy and education.

Kapodistrias is as yet honored in Greece today; the Greek euro coin of 20 cents bears his face.

How is Greek Independence Day Celebrated?

The national holiday is celebrated with patriotic speeches, parades, and military demonstrations. Across Greece, there are parades, coordinated by schools, where kids march with the Greek flag while wearing customary traditions.

On this day, numerous Greeks will attend church toward the beginning of the day, followed by a memorial service.

The greatest parade happens in Athens, where marching bands, military vehicles, and units from the Hellenic Armed Forces draw a large number of spectators, including the president.

Popular foods to eat on Greek Independence Day are bakaliaros (batter-fried salted cod) and skordalia (garlic and potato dip). March 25th always falls during Lent when eating meat and fish isn’t permitted.

There are just two days during Lent when fish is permitted, and the Feast of the Annunciation is one of those days (Palm Sunday is the other), which is the reason eating fish on March 25th is so famous.

Notwithstanding Greece and Cyprus, Greek Independence Day is additionally celebrated by numerous Greeks abroad, and huge parades are becoming more normal in United States cities where Greeks have made their homes, including Boston and New York City.

Every year, the U.S. President denotes the event with an announcement helping residents to remember the contributions of Greece to democracy, and the ongoing contributions of expatriate Greeks in their new communities all through the world.

In celebration of Greek Independence Day, villages and towns all through Greece hold a school flag parade, during which schoolchildren march in traditional Greek costume and carry Greek flags. There is likewise a military parade in Athens.

To mark the national holiday, access to the Acropolis Museum will be free of charge for all guests from 09:00 until 18:00 on 25th March.

Google Doodle on Greece National Day 2021

On March 25th, 2021, Google observes Greece National Day with a Google Doodle.

Noticed every year on March 25, today remembers the 200th anniversary of the flare-up of the Greek Revolution—a battle for sovereignty that finished when Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the flag of revolution over the Monastery of Agia Lavra. Through the London Protocol of 1830, Greece became officially perceived as an independent state.

To pay tribute right up ’til today, the blue-and-white Greek national flag, portrayed in the Google Doodle artwork, fills the air as a symbol of freedom and solidarity.

Today, the nation’s history, liberation, and evolution all through the previous 200 years are celebrated with events in Greece and around the world.

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