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How James Landry & Music Esquire, PLLC Will Disrupt The Music Industry




James Landry opened an interview I had with him by saying that everything that he has done has been to open up the music industry and provide artists with tools that were not accessible unless they were signed by a label. “De Novo started providing artists with a way to market their music and get Spotify on their side, the same way labels have been doing for years.”  Songflowr was launched to help the artist release music the same way labels do. Requiring artists to pay only one time and allowing them to retain all of their royalties ensures that artists can continue to grow their music business without continuous payments that cut into their profits. “Music Esquire, PLLC will help all level artists protect their brand and understand what they agree on, in matters of opportunities in their music career.”

Music Esquire

Music Esquire, PLLC aims to expand and get into the heart of the music industry while also assisting James’ previous and current DNA clients. “I have been working with independent artists for several years now, and I know it will be awesome to bring these services to them fully,” James said. “Trust is crucial while choosing an attorney,” he added, “I have done my best to build a rapport with those in the music industry.”

Culture of Music Esquire

In the interview, James said that the main goal was to open up legal representation for everyone. “Right now, getting in touch with an attorney that will give you fair and honest prices is hard,” he said. Music Esquire will help solve this issue. You will no longer have to worry about the calls made while inquiring for prices or going to an office. Everything is laid out in an easy to read format.

Recently, James says that there are many ‘go-to’ attorneys in the music industry, but they are inaccessible for new artists. Additionally, if they accept you, they demand more than 5% of your royalties forever as a retainer. This can add up to thousands of dollars for some artists, something James simply is not willing to do.  For him, it is less about the money made and more about providing legal services for artists who may not have had access to an Entertainment Attorney before.

A Time For Change

James L. hopes that the legal representation will one day change for the better and be accessible to all. He affirms that for now, he will continue doing his best to ensure that all artists, especially the musicians, can access an attorney with a good interest.

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