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How Kristen Rose manages the pressures of being a sought after name in Hollywood



Kristen Rose

While the lives of famous celebrities may seem like peaches and cream, there is a lot more to it. Behind the glitz and glamour, celebrities need to stay grounded, focused and on track. Model and actor Kristen Rose is all too familiar with the challenges of staying on top of your game in the land of the paparazzi.

As someone who is known for her beauty, as much as her brains, Rose has had to learn the hard way that the key to longevity and success is to walk the tricky tightrope of fulfilling your dreams while staying true to yourself.
It’s not an easy juggling act by any stretch of the imagination, but one which Rose is a master. Although the girl from Texas is flattered to have been hailed as one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood by IMDb, she would much rather be recognized for her true passion, acting, than solely for her looks and modeling career.

The 24-year-old celebrity influencer is already making a splash in all the right Hollywood circles, appearing in the Eddie Alcazar-directed film, “Perfect.”

While the world of movies has started opening its doors in a big way for the aspiring actress, the experience has not been an overnight success, and Rose is keen to stress that she’s not about to undo all the hard work that got her to this point, by taking anything for granted.

From a young age, she fell in love with acting. It’s ironic, but she was able to find her voice through adopting the personas of others. By connecting with an audience on an emotional level, she realized the true significance and power of her art, and it’s not something she will ever underestimate or stop working to refine and develop.

Fame is the bedfellow of any successful acting career, and although it may be exciting for people to watch your every move on social media, Rose has a motto, “Own lane. Own race. Own pace.” It’s what keeps her sane, and in a nutshell, it means you know your own goals and abilities, so don’t let anyone else dictate to you how you should live your life.

While many young hopefuls have let others call the shots, dictate the terms, and put them through hoops only to expect their talent to jump through, Kristen remains resolute that she’ll continue to live life by her terms and stay true to herself.

You can’t help but applaud her.

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