How to Use a New Instagram Photo Remix Feature


Looking for better approaches to utilize photos in your Instagram marketing? Maintain that more choices should collaborate with influencers and brand partners on Instagram. In this article, you’ll figure out how to utilize Instagram’s Photo Remix feature for simple collaborations and find out how to control whether others can remix your photos on Instagram.

What Is Instagram Remix?

Instagram launched its Reels Remix feature in spring 2021, permitting you to use reels from other Instagram clients as a beginning stage or motivation for your business short-form videos. Like TikTok duets, Reels Remix displays the original video close to the new video, creating a single part of collaborative content.

Since announcing a shift toward video in December 2021, Instagram has kept on carrying out tools to assist businesses and creators with growing considerably more short-form video content. In January 2022, the platform launched its Video Remix feature, which basically permits clients to remix any Instagram video to make another reel.

In July 2022, Instagram started rolling out its Photo Remix feature, which allows you to utilize Instagram photo posts as a beginning stage for your collaborative Instagram reels or to add your own video commentary. On the off chance that you’ve been looking for a method for getting more mileage out of Instagram photos or more effective choices to make reels, this new device is certainly worth trying.

How to Use the Instagram Photo Remix Feature

Assuming that you’re now knowledgeable about making Instagram reels, you’ll find the Instagram photo remix process unbelievably simple. Follow the means below to begin remixing.

Choose a Photo to Remix

To start with, recognize a photo post that you need on the remix. You can choose them from any place in the Instagram app — photos from your feed, an account’s grid, another client’s photos in the Explore tab, an in-app search, or a hashtag page. You can likewise utilize your account’s own photo posts for remixes.

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Whenever you’ve found a post you need to utilize, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner. In the event that the post is accessible for remixing, you’ll see a choice to remix the photo in the post menu. Tap Remix this Photo to begin creating.

Record an Instagram Reel for the Remix

At the point when you make a photo remix, Instagram automatically displays the original post on the left half of the screen. Since the remixed reel will publish very much like that, with the two posts featured next to each other, this display assists you with lining up your shots and timing your clips.

In the Remix interface, you gain access to a similar suite of tools you get while creating new reels.

That implies you would be able:

  • Use impacts to upgrade your reel or create eye-catching transitions.
  • Change the playback speed for your reel to somewhere in the range of .3x to 3x.
  • Set a timer to begin recording somewhere in the range of 3 to 60 seconds.
  • Turn on double to record yourself remarking on or responding to your reel.
  • Add music or audio and select the ideal clip for your reel.

Add Clips or Photos to the Instagram Remix

Try not to need to record another clip. You likewise have the choice to upload any of your current videos. Tap the gallery in the lower-left corner to choose from any premade video clips. Albeit this connection point likewise permits you to browse your reel drafts, by and by this choice doesn’t work. Choosing a draft returns your upload to another reel, not a photo remix.

On the off chance that you select to upload a current video clip to your remix, you have several editing choices. Trim the start or end of the clip and tap the Add button in the upper-right corner when you’re prepared to add it to your reel.

While creating most reels, you likely focus on video clips. However, when you’re remixing photos, incorporating your own images can be an extraordinary method for responding to the original content. At the point when you add photos to a reel, Instagram automatically displays them for 5 seconds. You can change the slider to show them for less time yet you can’t display them for longer.

To make your remixed photos show up more dynamic, consider utilizing one of the in-app templates. With templates, you can basically take other creators’ reel layouts. You will not have the option to reuse their content however you can copy similar pacing they’ve utilized for their clips.

To pick a template, swipe left from the primary Remix screen before you begin uploading any content. Then, at that point, look at the choices to find a template that seems as though it would accommodate your content. Pick the one you need to utilize, and tap the Add Media button to upload photos or videos to the template.

Edit the Instagram Photo Remix

Regardless of how you picked to remix the first photo, you’ll have comparable choices for editing the content. From the principal Reels creation screen, tap the left arrow to review your content. To remove a photo or video clip from the remix, tap the trashcan icon. To change the length, tap the scissors icon and trim the start or end of the clip. Tap Done to complete the process of editing.

You additionally have comparable choices to alter the first photo post you utilized for your remix. Tap the icon that seems to be a book to alter the length of the first photo. Like all remix photos, it’s consequently displayed for 5 seconds yet you can trim it down to a fraction of a second.

Add Stickers, Text, Markups, and Effects to the Instagram Photo Remix

Subsequent to picking the media for your remix, you have the choice to add impacts, very much like you would with a totally unique reel. Tap the Preview button to get to these tools. Then, at that point, you can:

  • Record a voiceover to add commentary to the remix.
  • Add music from the Instagram audio library.
  • Mix the voiceover, camera audio, and music to create the best track.

In spite of the fact that Reels sticker decisions are still to some degree restricted, you truly do have a couple of choices for making your reels interactive. For instance, you can add polls, quizzes, and sliders to engage your audience.

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To give viewers a little context, utilize the built-in text and markup tools. You can add captions or commentary and set the timing for every element to show up on the screen.

As a last touch, you can likewise add impacts prior to publishing your remix. Note that any impacts you add here apply to your content as it were. The original photo displayed on the left half of the remix stays unaltered.

Publish the Instagram Photo Remix

To Publish your remix, tap the Next button. From the publishing point of interaction, you can add a caption and pick whether to just share the reel to your feed or keep it on the Reels tab. You can likewise tag a location, add an event, and utilize every one of the standard choices your record ordinarily has while publishing reels.

While you can positively tag the original creator in your remix, you won’t be guaranteed to need to add the additional tag. Remixes automatically get a Remix With [Creator] tag underneath your username to give the original creator credit. Any individual who taps the creator’s name goes straightforwardly to the original post.

Be that as it may, there are a couple of enormous contrasts to the standard Reels publishing workflow. Since it’s a remix, you can’t decide to suggest the reel on Facebook, which might influence your general reach and engagement.

Also, you can’t alter the reel cover, as the Edit Cover button doesn’t work. All things considered, remixed reels automatically display with a cover that shows the two pieces of content next to each other.

At last, there’s no choice but to add a branded content tag to a remix. Assuming you’re searching for a method for remembering collaborative content for your plan for brand partners, it’s smart to skip remixes and utilize other content types that help the branded content tag.

Manage with the Instagram Remix and Review the Analytics

When you publish the remix, you can make a couple of significant edits. Open the reel and tap the three dots in the lower-right corner. Tap Manage and choose Edit. You can add area tags, tag other Instagram accounts, or enable captions.

You can likewise edit the cover of your remix, a choice that doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be reliably accessible during the creation process. To add a cover to your remix, tap the Edit button on the thumbnail of your reel. Then pick one of the frames from your reel or select an image from your gallery.

To review the analytics for your remix, tap the three dots in the lower-right corner and select View Insights. Here, you’ll see every one of the standard Reels bits of knowledge, including reach, plays, and content interactions. Assuming you added an intuitive sticker to the remix, you can see the outcome by tapping the Results button at the lower part of the reel.

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