Hua Lamphong: Google Doodle Marks 103rd Anniversary of Bangkok Railway Station

Today’s Google Doodle marks 103rd Anniversary of Hua Lamphong. It’s been actually 103 years since Bangkok Railway Station, informally known as Hua Lamphong, first opened its ways to travelers.

In spite of the fact that the Bang Sue mega station will in the long run become the capital’s primary rail transport center point, Hua Lamphong holds the title as Bangkok’s oldest train station—whose resplendent neoclassical design, highlighting a vaulted iron rooftop with stained glass windows, inspires when trains were a definitive method of transportation.

During his 1907 tour of Europe, King Rama V was so awed by the Frankfurt Train Station that he commissioned a comparable building for his own nation.

Bangkok Railway Station or Hua Lamphong

The Italian architects Mario Tamagno and Annibale Rigotti resounded certain subtleties of the German station in their design, from the half vault façade, to the open-air traveler galleries, to the giant clock on the front peak.

For over a century, Hua Lamphong has been the entry point to Bangkok for many guests. The station associates with the MRT underground framework, and people can likewise get both rural commuter lines and the luxurious Orient Express from here.

The State Railway of Thailand accommodates nearly 200 trains per day, with more than 27,000 travelers, and will in the end additionally be a railroad history museum.


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