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Interesting Facts About Oris Watches



20 april 12

It can be very tricky to have the right watch to suit your wardrobe. Too frequently, your wrist dominates or, worse, beats the rest of your outfit. But when it’s done well, not only does the watch look fine, it makes it look good. So many go with watches like that of Oris because of its versatile style and automatic movement.

Many of the measurement sizes are derived from Ébauche motions, a type prototype in which Oris accepts as an incomplete, modular motion that enables it to incorporate its features to meet its needs. Whew, that is too much to imagine. But there is more than that with Oris watches. Here are some interesting facts about their timepieces.

Oris Powerful In-house Movements

Most watchmakers are not prepared to do everything in-house but are well-known. Like Oris, they have powerful in-house movements in their pieces. They are using a number of mechanical parts and gestures. But they are not directly related to all its components. Oris does co-manufacture and builds only spring-powered watches as their automatic calibers.

An example is their Big Crown proPilot Worldtimer model that is an ETA2836-2 watch. It is an automatic caliber produced by the ETA, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group. It is known as the ‘Oris 690’ because they improve the caliber significantly. As stated, their calibers are derived from Ébauche movements that are only prototypes and yet robust and reliable.

Oris watches are Swiss Made.

Oris timepieces are authentic Swiss Made. Oris SA, the manufacturer, is based in Ribigasse 1, CH-4424 Hölstein, Switzerland. The production and factory are located in Oris, SA. In fact, the name Oris comes from a valley and stream in the Northwest part of Switzerland near Hölstein.

Since the two Le Locle watchmakers Christian & Paul Cattin, decided to open their shop in 1904 on that site, they never relocated. When they needed to extend their premises to accommodate the increasingly growing business, the company headquarters tried and succeeded in staying in the exact location.

Oris Watches are Affordable

Oris’ style of timepieces exceeds what you expect with its significantly lower price tag than other luxury watch brands, yet with the same features as those Swiss-made watches. You will also get a 2-year guarantee, rather than the 1-year other watchmaker gives.

Some may consider Oris to be a luxurious value-added retail brand, while others, which collect high-end and higher-quality reloads, may not agree. It depends really on who looks at the pieces. Many Oris watch owners love their pieces because they are affordable but can become so old and continue to tick. Oris watches make their heritage and history.

Oris Watches are for “Real People”

The slogan “Real Watch for Real People” had been designed by Oris. The everyday Joe and your typical layman are the target market of Oris watches. Oris initially aimed to build high-quality yet reasonable watches, which is why many Oris watches are reasonably priced. Still, they have a luxury line of timepieces if you desire for the heirloom type.

Oris could possibly charge for its product more if it chose, and they could obtain that because of the quality their watches deliver. However, this will shut down their ability to reach more customers who can only buy the watch at an economical cost. Their strategy is to make less money from each watch but sell more watches so many people around the world could wear.

Oris Watches are Valuable Jewels

Most people who believe that a luxury watch is also a type of investment are somehow true and somehow false. That is because investments create value over time. Oris watches are valuable though they are more like cars. Many models of Oris watches need maintenance. They also have watches that you lose a portion of their worth the first time you use it.

Most brands like Oris also have watch lines that have exceptions because they increase to a better value. Those are more unique models that are probably more complex and use more expensive parts and stones. These Oris models are definitely worth an investment and may last a lifetime and maybe pass on to the next generations.


Oris watches are a good investment but not as good as gold, other jewels, and securities. They need to be maintained, too. Yet, some of their pieces retain their value over time because of their durability. Oris also prefers to serve those in the middle class, so many can wear their brand. Yet that is not to discount the fact they make good mechanical watches that last.

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