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Isaiah Wallace is Dropping New Music



Isaiah Wallace

Isaiah, a teen rap artist from Chattanooga Tennessee, is preparing to break the ice with his up and coming album, “Here We Go Again.” The album features 10 tracks all produced by local legend Abdias Joga, known for his work with Lecrae, Matt Movin, and reach records. The artist talks about his come up, and where he came from.

He has lived in Chattanooga his whole life, and only wants the best for his city. He has been writing since he was 4 and wants to use his ability to bring back the lyrics that used to be so prevalent in rap. Zai is preparing to make history as he is placing the masters on each track.

He is preparing a local tour in the city that he loves so dearly as the release date draws near. The album is a call out to bring back writing in rap, and Zai is highly anticipating the outcome.

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