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Jamaican Minister on Fire for the Lord



Jamaican Minister on Fire for the Lord

Shadeen Anglin was born on June 12, 1991 to parents Aldine and Fitzroy. She was raised in the remote community of John Reid, located in the parish of St. Ann. From an early stage Shadeen developed a liking for writing which saw her producing story books that were oftentimes displayed in her school library. At the age of 30 she released her first published book titled ‘I’ve Seen Jesus: Details of a Divine Call to Intimacy and the Supernatural’ in which she relays her personal encounters with Jesus.

In the book she noted how one morning, she stormed into a worship service in her pyjamas to call an end to the “nuisance” that was disturbing her sweet morning sleep. Today, she is a minister of the Gospel, leading many in the service she once loathed and guiding many to surrender to the Lord she once scorned. This is the story of how God, the untiring loving Saviour, sought, found and gave a purpose to a woman who was lost, wretched and hopeless.

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In her book ‘I’ve Seen Jesus: Details of a Divine call to Intimacy and the Supernatural,’ Shadeen Anglin offers her personal experiences as a lighthouse to all who might be lost in the sea of spiritual quagmire waiting to hear God’s voice and desiring to abide in His presence. She goes against the grain of contemporary spiritual stories entailing dreams, visions and out of body experiences by proving to the keen mind the scriptural validity of her experiences.

Speaking in a recent interview, the exuberant Jamaican author said that ‘I’ve Seen Jesus: Details of a Divine Call to Intimacy and the Supernatural’ is available on all Amazon platforms.


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