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Who is a blogger? and this time we hear kinds of blogging from Negar Rokni, a famous Iranian blogger



who is blogger and this time we her kinds of blogging from the Negar Rokni, a famous Iranian blogger

In the world of bloggers, bloggers are categorized based on their platform, subject and field of activity. These include “Book Blogger”, “Daily Blogger” or the so-called “Blogger Lifestyle”, “Fashion Blogger” or “Fashion Bloggers” and “Child Blogger” as examples of “types of bloggers”. “Bloggers’ income” varies depending on the field in which they operate and the development and expansion of their activities on different platforms.

Types of Bloggers

In the digital world, all of you dear ones will encounter “all kinds of bloggers” and “bloggers” at least once. Each produces its own content to achieve its goal. If you are planning to start a blog, or want to collaborate with a blogger; You need to define your field of activity to make the most appropriate choice between “blogger types” and “blog types”.

 These people are also often referred to as “influencers”

Negar Rokni

Personal Blog Bloggers

Personal Blog Bloggers do not focus on a specific topic or audience, and the topic of this category of “blogger types” revolves more around the blogger’s interests and hobbies, the most popular of which are sports, technology, politics, daily life, music, He referred to artistic branches and so on.

In Personal Blogs, most writers are either looking to make a difference or are sharing their expertise and knowledge with their audience. As a result, a blogger can write about anything and anything on his or her personal blog, and the content that is published may not be focused on just one topic and may not have a specific coherence.

 Types of Bloggers ”in this regard are divided into the following categories:

  • Investment
  • Sport
  • Art
  • Film and theater
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Travel
  • Machine
  • Life Style
  • Daily life
  • Politics
  • Technology
  •  Blogger Gaming “or” Streamer “

Content produced by Blogger Gaming or Streamer includes game reviews, gameplay, introducing various games, reviewing consoles or gaming system hardware, and more. Because YouTube channels attract a lot of fans, these “bloggers” quickly establish a YouTube channel and improve the quality of the content and the number of followers.

 “Blogger Marketing ” or “ Blogger Marketing ”

“Blogger Marketing” or “Blogger Marketing” attracts a large number of audiences by producing content on topics such as increasing the awareness of the audience about “various marketing methods”, especially “digital marketing” or “digital marketing”.


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