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Ghazal king Jagjit Singh’s name can now be taken forward: Niece Rashmeet K Dhiman is all set to take blogging as her full time career and wants to leave a mark in the industry



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Ghazal king Jagjit Singh’s niece Rashmeet, is an emerging blogger who started her blog in 2020 when she had been made redundant from her 9-5job.
Talking about this she is also well trained in Indian classical music since childhood but she was never interested in making singing her profession. She being shy and naive for the business never thought of opening up as she is today. Now she is all ready for her new beginnings in career although she is married with a 5 months old baby and has a well settled life in London with her husband.

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When asked, what drives her to make this blog a success her answer was “I gave a deep thought on how to keep my uncle’s name alive yet provide high value to readers” hence she has dived deep into the industry and now passionately helping the readers with providing information on latest trends.
She likes to post about useful things which are based around beauty & lifestyle.
She also wants to inspire others to believe in the power of self belief as she sees her life as a miracle of ups & downs.

Rashmeet being extremely ambitious is now on a journey where she wants to impact more and more lives with her knowledge in coming years.


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