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Jolene Maloney: Trusted Expert in Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, and Homicide Litigation



Drug possession, drug trafficking, and homicide litigation each call for the expertise of one or more seasoned criminal defense attorneys. One such attorney is Jolene Maloney, the award-winning name behind Jolene Maloney Law Offices. The leading criminal defense lawyer recently marked her twenty-third year in practice.

After more than two decades in the field, she’s now a go-to source of legal counsel in Ada County, Idaho, with her law offices conveniently located in downtown Boise. What follows is a closer look at Maloney’s work and the importance of choosing a trusted expert when dealing with serious litigation matters.

Decades of Expertise

Maloney is a California-born and now Idaho-based defense attorney specializing in criminal law. Before opening her law office, she worked extensively as a prosecutor for the state of Idaho. This work included roles within Ada, Canyon, Payette, and Adams Counties, as well as across the state.

No longer bound to a prosecuting position, Idaho State Bar Service Award winner Maloney today uses her extensive experience as a former prosecutor elsewhere. That’s chiefly to serve clients facing serious criminal charges in Ada County and elsewhere across the Pacific Northwest’s famous Gem State.

Nowhere is the seasoned criminal defense attorney’s vast experience more valuable than in dealing with drug trafficking, drug possession, and homicide cases. She’s also similarly well-versed in other areas ranging from family law and child neglect cases to civil litigation and matters linked to long-term substance abuse.

Expertise Beyond the Courtroom

Jolene Maloney isn’t solely a trusted expert in handling serious litigation matters in court. Her expertise and professionalism also extend far beyond the courtroom. Her work involves networking with community service providers to aid her clients’ success during and after their litigation processes.

Her unique approach and interdisciplinary skill set combine to give Maloney a broader perspective concerning serious litigation matters. With that, she routinely tackles the traditional limitations of exclusively courtroom-centered legal systems and their constraints.

Today, the benefits of decidedly holistic approaches to criminal defense are abundant and far-reaching. Maloney’s methods, refined over many years, utilize a complete process incorporating expertly tailored defense strategies coupled with additional measures focused on achieving the best long-term outcomes for clients.

Client Testimonials

Nowhere is Maloney’s expertise more apparent than in the leading criminal defense attorney’s ever-growing catalog of client testimonials. The successful law office founder’s testimonials praise her professionalism, honor, intellect, and more, as demonstrated in the small handful of reviews outlined below.

Works From a Place in Her Heart

Attorney Jolene Maloney is professional and well-versed. She has a great strategy and the ability to get things done promptly, working from a place in her heart that allows her to be relatable, creating an extremely comfortable environment. I appreciate her and the work she offers. Working with her was a highly positive experience.
– Ashlei M.

The Absolute Best Outcome

Working with Jolene and her office has been such a positive experience. Her honor and intellect are among the many attributes I admire about her as an attorney. She is highly skilled in law and genuinely concerned with all her clients’ well-being.

With her experience, drive, and knowledge of the law, she ensures the best outcome for each client.
– Amber W.

Boise’s Finest Attorney

Thank you so much for helping me get my record dismissed. I can’t begin to tell you the impact that it’s had on my and my kids’ lives. I’ve received great opportunities since the charges no longer weigh me down.

My family thanks you and your office. I would recommend Jolene Maloney as Boise’s finest attorney to anyone seeking help with criminal defense matters and dismissals.
– Stephanie A.

Classy and Knowledgeable Lawyer

Jolene is a seriously classy and knowledgeable lawyer. She’s passionate, too. I give her a thumbs up for keeping me out of jail and rocking it in the courtroom. Like a true fighter, I like that she knew who I was and remained dedicated during my case. Times were tough, but she saw me through. Great work.
– Heidi S.

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To learn more, search online for ‘Jolene Maloney Law Offices’ or find Boise’s finest criminal defense attorney at 199 N Capitol Blvd #601, Boise, ID 83702.

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