Josia Andreas is an international model and actor born on 17th June 1996 in Walvis Bay, a coastal town in Namibia. He has achieved great heights of achievement just at the age of 25 and is moving ahead at great speed and determination. 

Talking about his school and college life, he was an excellent student. He went to Kuisebmund High School in Walvis Bay. He graduated to move to I.M. Sechenov Medical University in Russia, where he studied for a year as a medical student and later transferred to Ukraine to continue his studies.

At the early age of 22, Josia started his international modeling career and featured in advertisements for renowned international brands such as Unibet Sports, Granolaland, Uber, Huawei/Honor, We-kupp, Asics, 1xbet, Treblab, Three Mobile, Trowers, Revo-Energy Drink, and a lot more. 

He also featured in two music videos that became world-famous with his presence and the quality of content. One of his videos was with Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo titled “BURN OUT,” which came out in 2018, and the other was with Israeli singers Static and Benel, whose title was “IMALI” and was premiered in 2019.

Josia Andreas is one of the few International Male Models of Namibia to reach such great heights and wants to achieve more by becoming a film or TV series actor and is of the fact that he will achieve his goal eventually, all with great passion, patience, dedication, and hard work. 

Josia possesses great philosophical values about life, career, society, and his work. One of many of his sayings is, “Be with people who are of the same vision as of yours and be with them who not only support you regardless of whatever you want to achieve in life but also motivate you once they get to know your goals.”

Talking about art and his artistic side, he says, “I want to be the best in my craft whether it comes to acting, modeling, or music.” He is so determined concerning his career that he says, “I want to be the king of my destiny and climb the highest walls that some people fear of and give a sparkling head-start to new beginnings of my progressing career.”

He wants to try out different things and doesn’t worry about failure because at the end of the day, he will learn from his experiences, and otherwise, if he succeeds, it’s his victory. He has an acceptable message for the youth, “Do whatever that interests you or you are comfortable with and don’t think about people criticizing you because people will say what they have to say regardless of your success or failure, so do what makes you happy; at least you will be satisfied and proud of yourself.” So, follow your dreams; make sure you enjoy life to the fullest!

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