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“Kindness and compassion are key,” emphasizes social worker and columnist Jagnnath Singh Rao



Kindness and compassion are key emphasizes social worker and columnist Jagnnath Singh Rao

With his restaurant business as an entrepreneur, he has also been proving his generosity and encouraging others to do the same.

Turning one’s ordinary into extraordinary may take years for some, but there are a few rare gems who do this in a very short span of time, thriving on their passion for their work and the commitment with which they put in efforts each passing day. The way a few professionals have proved their A-game in their careers and lives has truly gone ahead in becoming a source of inspiration for so many out there in the world. Proving as one of the finest examples right now is Jagnnath Singh Rao, the man who believed in focusing on kindness and compassion and changing lives through the same.

Jagnnath Singh Rao is more than just a columnist and entrepreneur; he is a well-recognized social worker who has been bettering the meaning of benevolence, especially for the youth of the nation. He points out how many around the world have done it only for the sake of doing it, while many others have genuinely felt the pain of others and have come forward like him to do their bit for the underserved.

He wants especially the youth across the world to come forward and show their compassion toward societies and communities and be there for each other to reinstate the importance of kindness. In order to do this bit, he turned into an entrepreneur with his restaurant in Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra called Food Studio. Why Food Studio stands apart from the rest, you wonder? Well, it is a restaurant and perhaps the only one to provide subsidized food to the families of the martyrs of our nation. This is a deed not many have thought about in the past, but Jagnnath Singh Rao’s efforts have remained genuine.

This is one of the reasons this passionate guy ( has been garnering all the positive attention in the last few years since the pandemic. He has been turning heads with his columns, his generous deeds and his meaningful restaurant.

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