King Soloman is Making a Splash in Miami

Miami artist, King Soloman, is the new artist who you need on your Spotify playlist. With over 250K streams, we

would be surprised if you haven’t heard one of his hits yet. Including “$ippin on The Tree$” and “I Need That”, King Soloman can’t perform without his fans singing along to the catchy lyrics. We got to talk to the Brooklyn born rapper!

What do you think makes you different from other artists?

I try not to curse in my music and I write everyone of my songs. No ghost writers.

How do you feel when you write music?

It feels like a release from reality. Where you can just focus on your raps and your topics and feel the energy. Once you get into that creative mindset you really start to create beautiful music.

If you can describe your music in one word using a food?

Surf & Turf

We see that you recently got married, do you think your upcoming music will change because of this?

Yes. I think it will be enhanced. It’s going to be a mix of classic king soloman and my new wave style. My music has definitely upgraded since I got married.

Does your wife support your dream?

100 percent. She’s my number 1 fan and supporter helping everyday with my creative direction as an artist.


How has quarantine and covid affected your music career?

It definitely has slowed down my revenue and marketing because I haven’t been able to perform. Putting on shows and selling merchandise are really important for any artist. Streaming numbers went up because of quarantine but digital streaming cannot maintain a music career.

What do you think the music industry will be like after covid?

Honestly I think streaming will be the same but I think concerts will be like drive in movie theatres and everyone can watch the artists perform on stage from their cars.

What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?

I just released a new song “Hands of Time” on Friday September 18th. It will really connect with a lot of people and it’s a conscious song for sure. It can be found on all streaming platforms.

Do you have any rituals for when you write or sing in the studio?

Before each studio session I always come ready with at least 2 songs written down and a gallon of water. I usually get a good night’s sleep and treat going to the studio like its a test. I want to be performing at my highest level.

What do you miss most about performing?

Just feeding off the crowd’s energy and being able to control the whole vibe at a show. I miss testing out unreleased songs to the crowds to see what they like and don’t like before I release a song. I straight up miss everything about performing.

Check out his new song-Hands of time.



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