Kody White: A 20 year old entrepreneur making millions & changing the lives of many others

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With his creative ideas to build cash cow channels, White leverages YouTube to benefit other youngsters as well.

The speed at which millennials gather & imbibe all information & knowledge they get from anywhere shows their curiosity to expand their horizons & gain more intellect in life. This is their age of hustling & many youngsters take full advantage of the time they get while they are still studying to make optimum use of the resources at hand & excel at it. What better resource than online platforms for the younger brigade to earn money at today’s day & age? Well, YouTube is one such medium that is giving more than one reason for people to earn money & make a million-dollar career out of it. One such energetic & intelligent young lad is Kody White from Arizona, USA, who has successfully carved his name in the list of the youngest entrepreneurs of the world just under 25.

Who would’ve thought a few years ago that an online platform like YouTube can make you earn enormous profits if used efficiently with the right strategies? However, White’s journey began when he was only 14 years of age & worked as a dishwasher who gained $4 an hour. Cut to – directly becoming an entrepreneur through YouTube, earning in millions. But, while he worked as a dishwasher as a teenager, he also saved up money to buy an Elgato Capture Card that pushed him to start a journey with gaming videos. This was the major point in White’s life that made him turn his head towards YouTube. So, in 2015 he started to expand his cash cow YouTube channels, but in the beginning, success did not come easy to him. He struggled a lot before launching his first cash cow channel the following year in 2016.

As his channels took off faster & became more & more popular, he kept multiplying them & grew his empire of cash cow YouTube channels. By the time he was 18, he had earned $10K a month with having six channels operating under his expertise. After acquiring 100 million views for the first time on YouTube, he made $50K a month & with this; he bought his first penthouse in AZ. The turning point in his career White admits was when he discovered the two channels on YouTube in 2018 that helped him monetize faceless YouTube monetization channels.

Gradually scaling his business at much higher spheres, White made an empire that included 20 cash cow channels which earned him profits in double each month. And, this led him to open up his business YTMoney as a course to help others to monetize the online platform like he did to build their cash cow channels & earn as much money as they can by implementing the tactics that White taught them. This year, YTMoney earned $100,000 a month & also became a pioneer in making its top client earn $60,000 a month.

White can’t stretch his voice enough on the idea that budding entrepreneurs must follow their dreams, put their heart & soul into the work, obsess over what they do & make it their mission to achieve those dreams come what may just as he did.

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By Matthew Gregor

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