Kody White: I Created YTMoney to Educate People on How They Can Maximize Revenue via YouTube

The past doesn’t determine the future, but it does influence it. Kody White began earning washing dishes at 14, and even then he was confident of his gaming skills. He worked hard, be it on gaming videos or cash cow channels, and eventually established himself and earned a fortune. However, as a young entrepreneur, his main aim is to help others get to where he is. To this end, he has designed a unique course for people to learn his tested tips and tricks. “I created YTMoney to educate people on how they can maximize revenue via YouTube,” shares White. He also shares that he has no fear of competition as he believes ideas can be copied; authenticity cannot.

While working for Taco Bell, White realized that technology drew people in and was smart enough to encash the opportunity. With time, he became proficient in video games. White then began designing and selling them and, in the process, earned a fair amount to support his dreams. Even though White faced a series of dead-ends, he was way ahead of his time. People were just getting tech-savvy when White was already planning his first cash cow channel. His entrepreneurial journey began with a single channel in 2016. The response was so massive that he went on to create six different cash cow channels. By the time he was 18, he had understood the revenue model of YouTube and had made a whopping USD 10k monthly via all his channels.

The journey wasn’t smooth for White, but his adaptive attitude kept him going. Slowly, the world caught up with different technologies; YouTube started booming, but people were new to handling the online platform. Meanwhile, White’s videos began to get noticed, shared, and applauded, and he, along with his fun and fresh content, became famous overnight. To top it off, White realized he was an expert in creating video content that was relatable and connected with the audience. This was when he decided to structure a detailed course to help people.

Content creation was becoming a new form of employment, and many youngsters were hopping on to the bandwagon. The generation needed someone experienced to guide them, and White’s YTMoney became a boon. He now teaches his clients to build cash cow channels and generate a regular income.

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