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Legit Pro: The best solution for sneakers legit check



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With the increase in availability of counterfeit luxury products, it has become important for customers to buy luxury products that come with an authenticity certification. Everyone knows the importance of quality and originality, when it comes to buying the best luxury products.

Counterfeit issues have been increasing at a rapid pace. As per a report published by OECD, in 2013 about $431bn worth counterfeit products were sold. Over time, product piracy is hitting harder to all brands and countries.

Legit Pro: A solution for authentication
Legit Pro is a company that came into existence due to complexity and frustration caused by counterfeit luxury sneakers. Even though there were various sources available online who were claiming to tackle the situation of identifying real luxury sneakers. But most of these were using a subjective approach only towards this problem.

The lack of proven technology was making it a real challenge for them to authenticate sneakers online.

That is the main reason why Legit Pro initiated to put an effective, affordable, definitive and technology-based solution in place to identify and authenticate the originality of a product in the best possible way.

The company grabs the opportunity to develop a successful, proven and legit procedure that can help to provide authentication certification based on technology.

Authentication process
While all other operators simply check sneakers by trusting the experience and skills of their workers, Legit Pro can offer true revolution in the examination method. It is the only sneakers authenticator that compares the products that the seller sends with the original ones purchased directly with the raffles from the brand, using various types of innovative methods
that includes the material analysis and a 3d scan of the complete design of the shoes. This is the absolute best way to have warranty of the product’s authenticity without depending on humans common mistakes. Such a method is particularly useful for new (just released) or when a new worker is hired and lacks the right experience.

Why is Legit Pro experiencing great success?
There are multiple reasons behind the great success of legit pro. But the major reason is that Legit Pro is not a reseller. Moreover, they have invested in a large collection of luxury sneakers. So that compared and authenticated sneakers that they are receiving from raffles can become easier for them.

Legit Pro sends the authentication certificate to the store by letting them know if the legit check is positive or negative with a report that shows exactly the authentication procedure on their product. Additionally, the operator that did the work takes responsibility for the results by signing the certificate that is released.

The method of checking by Legit Pro is pretty transparent. Company provides information in a method which can’t be changed by anyone.


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