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Li1.lean “Hottest Artist In Minnesota Right Now”



Li1.lean "Hottest Artist In Minnesota Right Now"

Li1.lean is one of the youngest and most successful artists in Minnesota, from his diverse music in Spanish to the new era of hip hop. the “Perreo” single earned him a No. 1 record recognized by the Latin community. At this point, in just 7 months of making music, Lean has shown a huge impact of growth by skyrocketing after seeing “Perreo ” shoot to the top spot on SoundCloud. When asked about how lean felt about being the hottest artist he replied “There are many talents out there, I’m glad the community sees me that way. But I consider my self an artist in progress.”

Gabriel Montes, best known by his stage name Li1.lean, is a Latin, English musician, singer, songwriter and producer. His name emerged due to his popularity among the Latino community and social networks with his diverse music.

He creates songs with both languages to experiment with two cultures and erase any border between them.

Where to Find li1. Lean

Instagram: li1.lean

YouTube: Lil Lean TV

SoundCloud: Li1.lean

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