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Life is a beautiful journey if seen through a travellers eyes says avid motorcycling fan and motovlogger Aswini Pati



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You have to travel to experience the thrills that life has to offer and Aswini Pati has indeed made his life thrilling by dedicating himself to this mind blowing passion of his.

What makes him travel places on his set of two wheels we wonder? “The beautiful moments that you experience while on your journey exploring picturesque destinations, meeting people, getting to know about various cultures overtakes all other pleasures of life, there is no other substitute of the wind hitting your face while you unravel the beauty of the road, it’s like attaining nirvana” says Aswini. He has been passionate about automobiles right from the word go and this passion has not come as a hurdle in his path of chasing his dreams and desires to conquer the never ending roads that lead to jaw dropping heavenly destinations. Working in a full time job as a banker simultaneously juggling between other jobs as a financial advisor and affiliate marketer leaves no time for himself at the end of the day. Many would make their travel dreams take a back seat due to time constraints and other unreasonable excuses but not Aswini; he has put in all his energy towards finding ways that would pave way for his adventures.

Aswini being a rider also is a motovlogger who captures his journey through the lens of his camera. He says that the motovlogging community has been dormant since many decades but now they are picking up pace and making it to the headlines. What’s his favourite set of dream machine on two wheels we ask? Aswini is quick to respond “Royal Enfield Motorcycles as this is the one who take me across places and makes my travel experience worth every mile”. With the fast growing popularity of YouTube Aswini has jumped into this arena and started his own motovlogging channel which goes by the name “world on wheels”. He teamed along with his Royal Enfield classic 350 have captured some of the best travelling moments on camera which you can experience on his YouTube Channel.

To watch his enchanting journey visit his channel

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