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Life, Job, and Career of David Cicchella



Life Job and Career of David Cicchella

We often read stories about people that have turned their passion into employment. David Cicchella has always chosen to try to something different: he has transformed his work into a passion.
This was the key that allowed him to realize great professional satisfaction.

David Cicchella has created “Il Martedì del Villaggio”, one among the foremost successful formats of the Italian summer: a series of events born in 2000 that has increased numbers per annum since its foundation.

He is a founding partner of Samsara Beach, one among the foremost famous and loved summer brands in Italy: a classy beach present in Gallipoli, Riccione and Budva (Montenegro), which today represents a daydream for thousands and thousands of beach lovers. A fresh business model supported daytime fun and not only nighttime fun.

David Cicchella is an entrepreneur who loves his lifestyle. He understands people desires and their way of being, to always find winning ideas to measure unforgettable emotions.

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