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Lindel U.E. Wynn: On The Path To Greatness



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Lindel U.E. Wynn was born in the Bronx and raised in Queens, New York City, and is a business-savvy, hungry entrepreneur . Whom was counted out by so many, used that doubt as a fuel, to power his creativity and ambition into an enlightened path and turned what would be deemed a negative into a positive. Lindel U.E WYNN is the CEO of WYNN publications & production company, which is a conglomerate group comprised of writers, producers, videographers, editors, and illustrators.

He himself has written and published 7 of his own entitled novels, such as MY BROTHERS KEEPER PART 1 and 2, FALSE, BEHIND THE MASK, A WHORE’S CONSCIENCE, TAINTED, & WHITE WINDOW! U.E is the executive producer of the suspension thriller feature film SIN , the docu-series THE MUNDANE TRUTH: The Kenneth MCGRIFF Story, as well as the featured film HONOR AMONG THIEVES.

Mr.Wynn is the founder of the 501C nonprofit, Save a H.O.M.I.E. Inc., which helps disenfranchised children and uplifts urban communities and stands as an active activist within the community. He currently resides in North Carolina, which he considers his second home.

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In 2022, Wynn Publications executive produced the film, Sin, starring Louis Gossette Jr. as a wise, blind painter. SIN, the movie is a suspense-drama with a leading actress, Angel Love as Sasha, and Bella Blaq, who plays the character Sin, eventually influences Sasha toward a life of crime. Sasha, a single mother, is addicted to drugs and in a dangerous relationship that she has to escape from before it kills her. Dutch, a brilliant writer, penned the script. The movie is directed by Abeni Nazeer.

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