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Malik Arsalan Awan – Most Influential Social Activist and Patriot!



Malik Arsalan Awan – Most Influential Social Activist and Patriot!

The power of social media can never be undermined because it has been playing a huge role when it comes to gathering people for a cause. So, Malik Arsalan made the best use of the available mediums he had!

Coming from an impressive educational background, he had all the knowledge about the rules and regulations written in our constitutions and which made him realise the fact that Pakistan is lacking in law enforcement.

 With exponentially increasing crime rates and killings, he made sure that people could know the ground realities instead of just being inspired by the lifeless promises of leaders.

Malik Arsalan Awan has always been vocal about the issues that are often overlooked! 

Arsalan Awan is determined to bring only the true news with thorough research. He also writes columns for multiple newspapers.

Arsalan Awan can be reached on Facebook @Arslanawansays and @Arslanawansays on Twitter and @Arslanawansays on Instagram.

Vice President of Justice Council Government of Pakistan

Malik Arsalan is currently serving as the Vice president of the National Peace and Justice Council Government of Pakistan (central Punjab), where he is trying his best to awaken the people of Pakistan and resolve different issues regarding religious affairs through establishing dialogue and awareness.

He has been leading different seminars regarding the rights of minorities.

Raising Voice over Economic Crisis

He has been quite active on social media platforms and showed his concerns over the increasing inflation with each passing day. And how the politicians and bureaucrats have been mercilessly enjoying their luxuries.

 Despite the fact that every 5th person in Pakistan is suffering from a health issue, people are unable to afford even medicines.

Malik Arsalan is a fearless person who never stops expressing his concerns!

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