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Mastering the Dance: The Essential Skills Every Professional Dancer Needs



Mastering the Dance The Essential Skills Every Professional Dancer Needs

For many choreographers, the dance floor becomes the classroom, rehearsal space, and performance arena. Along the way, ballet professionals realize that dance requires diverse skills, blending physical ability with emotional intelligence and technical acumen with artistic expression.

Marine Fritschy has been passionate about dance since she first put on a pair of ballet shoes: “It gives you freedom of expression and the ability to bring joy to others, which is unparalleled,” she says.

“I have been very lucky not only to perform but also to choreograph performances for talented dancers worldwide. I am as passionate about teaching dance and passing on the skills needed as I am about dancing myself.”

However, she says to become a successful professional dancer, several essential skills can enable you to not only enjoy your craft but also excel at the same time.

“Technical proficiency is a dancer’s repertoire’s first and most apparent skill,” says Fritschy. 

From precise footwork to controlled movements, technical prowess forms the backbone of every dancer’s toolkit. 

She adds: “There is no way around it – this expertise comes from years of rigorous training, a dedicated focus on mastering dance techniques, and an unwavering commitment to practice.” 

According to Fritschy, every pirouette, leap, and plié is a testament to a dancer’s technical skillset, honed through countless hours of rehearsal. 

She jokes: “A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into being good at dancing! I remember clearly my bloodied and bruised toes as I learned to use pointe shoes. But the reward when you are proficient is more than worth the agony.”

However, as essential as technique is, the dance journey involves far more than physical prowess. 

Fritschy believes an often overlooked but equally crucial skill is emotional connectivity: “As dancers, our bodies become vessels of storytelling. We must tap into our emotional reserves to convey our performances’ narrative, mood, and essence.” 

She adds: “This ability to connect with our emotions—and in turn, those of our audience—transforms a performance from a routine to a moving experience.

“Seeing the joy of the audience as they are moved by every moment as they watch you provides a superior inner joy.”

In an industry as dynamic as professional dance, the ability to adapt to new choreography, dance styles, and environments is also invaluable. 

According to Fritschy, this fluidity opens doors to diverse opportunities: “Being adaptable equips dancers to handle challenges, whether a last-minute change in choreography or an unexpected stage malfunction.”

Discipline and resilience are also non-negotiable skills she cites as important: “The road to professional dance is often laden with long hours, physical strain, and occasional setbacks” Fritschy says. 

“The discipline to maintain a stringent training schedule, a balanced diet, and adequate rest becomes the cornerstone of a dancer’s lifestyle.

“Resilience helps us bounce back from injuries and disappointments, continually pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones.”

Lastly, Fritschy says she has learned the importance of collaboration. 

She believes successful dancing is often a team effort, whether it’s working with choreographers, fellow dancers, or backstage crews. 

Fritschy adds: “Throughout my career as a professional dance and choreographer, communicating effectively, respecting others’ inputs, and working harmoniously toward a shared vision is invaluable in a professional setting.”

About Marine Fritschy

At an age when most children are beginning preschool, Marine Fritschy embarked on her lifelong journey to master the art of dance. This prodigious passion, kindled at the tender age of four, led her down a path of unparalleled achievement and prestige.

She was taught by the distinguished Silva Ricard School in Millau, France, Fritschy honed her skills in the intricate art forms of ballet, jazz, and classical dance. The institution’s multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing dance history and anatomy, shaped Fritschy into a holistic performer.

At the exceptionally young age of 16 for a dancer, Fritschy performed professionally as a standout member of the Silva Ricard Ballet, illuminating stages across France and beyond.

Two years later, Fritschy added another feather to her cap when she joined the esteemed Le Ballet Intemporel without a formal audition following an internship under the legendary dancer Bertrand Giampetri. With this, she occupied the distinguished position of principal dancer in two major companies, a testament to her extraordinary talent.

Fritschy’s portfolio brims with noteworthy accolades. Among her illustrious engagements, she performed at the presidential inauguration in Senegal, choreographed a performance in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, and shaped shows for luxury hospitality chain Jet Tours. 

She was also a star performer of the renowned Harlem Swing, enchanting Parisian audiences. Marine has also managed dancers for ice-skating superstar Philippe Candeloro’s spectacular farewell tour ‘Hello, Goodbye”, which played to 15,000 strong audiences across France.

As a choreographer, a judge, and a holder of the Diploma of Classical Dance, Marine Fritschy’s story is a testament to her enduring commitment to the dance world, underscoring her status as one of Europe’s brightest stars in the field.

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