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Matteo Arnaldi on having a “Perfect body” a Reality?



Matteo Arnaldi on having a “Perfect body” a Reality?

We live in a world that is run by stereotypical ideas and views on what a perfect body is. We are all in a race to achieve what is ideal according to people we have never seen or met. We are in a rat race that is causing more harm than good.

Matteo Arnaldi says “there is nothing called as a perfect body, A Perfect body is what the person believes in and the most important thing is to be healthy”.

Matteo believes in instilling confidence in his clients so that they are comfortable in their own skin which is why he says he studies their minds and understands their bodies before tailoring a fitness regime to them.

Usually, we as humans are never satisfied and want to do better and be better every day. We want to be brighter and better than yesterday to be the best for tomorrow.

To be the best mentally and physically, Matteo says one needs to be confident and he will be that friend, guide, trainer, and mentor who will help his clients achieve what they set their minds to.

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