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McDonald’s launches a new flavour the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper for a limited time on June 30



McDonalds launches a new flavour the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper for a limited time on June 30

McDonald’s will launch a new variation of the Chicken McCrispy on June 30. Called the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper (from S$6.60), this new flavor might be accessible for a limited time.

Since its return to the McDonald’s permanent menu in 2021, the Chicken McCrispy has surprised loyal fans in Singapore. If you can’t get enough of the popular chicken classic, here’s a new flavor that will spice things up this July — an all-new ‘Salt and Pepper’ flavor.

The original Chicken McCrispy was permanently added to the Mcdonald’s menu on Jul 1, 2021, after suddenly vanishing in 2002. This new flavor will see the chicken pieces coated with salt, pepper, and parsley flakes.

This variety of Chicken McCrispy is tossed in a mix of salt, pepper, and parsley flakes.

It is likewise available as part of an Extra Value Meal (from S$8.60) or a bucket of six (from S$18.30).

The Chicken McCrispy isn’t available at the following outlets:

  • Shell Tampines
  • Shell Hougang
  • Shell Havelock
  • Clementi Avenue 3
  • Parklane
  • Tampines Kiosk

The fast food chain will likewise present the Grapefruit McFizz (from S$3.20).

Here’s likewise a suggestion to get your hands on the Banana Pie (from S$1.40), while stocks last.

Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper

Think shatteringly crisp and mind-blowingly delicate chicken thighs and drumsticks, in the entirety of their golden brown goodness, tossed in a mix of salt, pepper, and parsley flakes. This all-new Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper (from S$6.60 for 2pc) will be accessible from 30 June 2022, for a limited time only.

You can likewise place your orders through McDelivery, GrabFood, and food panda, after breakfast hours and keeping in mind that stocks last.

McDonald’s strength is known as the most incredible burger chain in Singapore, however, that has not prevented it from as yet being one of our #1 fried chicken spots. Following the return of the much-loved Chicken McCrispy, McDonald’s is divulging an all-new flavor — the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper (from $6.60 for two pieces)!

Seasoned with salt, black pepper, and flakes of parsley, the limited-time Chicken McCrispy flavor vows to be comparably delectable as the original, while perhaps worse. Expect that your fried chicken should be juicy and tender, as you’ll get chicken thighs and drumsticks.

For just $2 more, you can partake in the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper Extra Value Meal ($8.60), which accompanies a side of Medium Fries and a Small Coke.

We as a whole realize that fried chicken is intended to be a sharing affair, however on the off chance that you want the bucket all for yourself, we won’t tell anybody! The six-piece option sells for $18.30, yet you can look out on the My McDonald’s App each Friday for cluckin’ great chicken deals.

This limited-time item is available from 30 June 2022 in-store as well as on McDelivery, GrabFood, and food panda. Be that as it may, assuming that you’re visiting McDonald’s outlets at Shell Tampines, Shell Hougang, Shell Havelock, Clementi Avenue 3, Parklane, and Tampines Kiosk, the Chicken McCrispy won’t be accessible at these particular locations.

For a sweet and fulfilling end to your meal, you can gulp down the Grapefruit McFizz (from $3.20).

In any case, the Banana Pie (from $1.40) is a similarly delightful option to pair with the Chicken McCrispy!

If you haven’t got your hands on the Ovaltine McFlurry, presently’s your opportunity to attempt it before it’s taken off the menu! For more juicy deep-fried chicken, look at our 11 recommendations for fried chicken across all budgets.

McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy® Salt and Pepper (2pc), which accompanies one chicken thigh and one drumstick, is likewise accessible as a feature of a 2-piece Extra Value Meal (from S$8.60), inclusive of a Medium Fries and Small Coke.

We as a whole know it’s essentially difficult to stop at two. The powerful Chicken McCrispy® Salt and Pepper (from S$18.30 for 6pc) is a bucket of goodness — share it with your loved ones or partake in the whole thing all alone. We won’t judge.

The word “crisp” takes on many forms, including that of a sweet and fiery Grapefruit McFizz (from S$3.20), the ideal post-meal boost.

My McDonald’s App

Notwithstanding the exclusive weekly deals released each Monday (since we as a whole need that pick-me-up toward the beginning of a long week), make certain to keep the My McDonald’s App nearby on Fridays for TGI-Fried Chicken Day.

The McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper are available for dine-in or takeaway at all restaurants or using McDelivery, GrabFood and foodpanda for a limited time.

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