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Meet Bhupesh Bansal, A Small Town Engineer turned Illustrator-Digital Media Expert



Meet Bhupesh Bansal A Small Town Engineer turned Illustrator Digital Media Expert

Bhupesh Bansal had decided to move with a career path he liked. “A road less traveled”, particularly in the small village where he comes from, and here he is working for renowned brands like Dabur, Manforce, Skore, Lava Mobiles, Parle, and more. Some of his cartoons that he posts on his social media have gone viral all over the World.

As a popular quote says, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, Bhupesh Bansal is living it. He has the job he loves doing, it’s not his passion or work to buy bread but more like a lifestyle now.

We had a conversation with Bhupesh Bansal:

  1. How did you become interested in this “Digital World”?

It was a while back when I was in school that I used to spend so much time on Social media, and I was always curious how people get money from the Internet, as we people aren’t paying them. It May sound childish but I was like 14 back then.

So when I completed my school, around 2012-13, I started making memes which led me to learn photoshop, which led me to learn Illustrator, and finally digital art, and various Algorithms. And if you’re curious, I learned it all with the help of the Internet.

  1. What is the type of work that you do for some of the brands you mentioned?

It’s basically creatives for their social media handles. I am always interested in moment marketing campaigns because the chances of the content going viral are very high and everyone loves it when their content gets attention and is loved.

Your content will also fetch you new business.

Take the example of Dabur Hajmola, it can be clubbed with any situation in a quirky way very efficiently.

  1. What are your accomplishments in this particular field?

I believe what any artist in the World thinks that an accomplishment is that if the people around them like their work. My friends, family, and even many people who follow my work take their time to text me how they liked it and it is very inspiring. But other than that, some of my illustrations get featured in News Portals and are shared by thousands of people.

  1. How do you get an idea for an Illustration?

Well, that’s tricky. As I said I usually do Moment Marketing campaigns, I sit back with a pen and paper, write all the keywords related to the trend, and close the device. I keep writing the keywords again and again with the brand’s name and their taglines and other attributes of the brand until something strikes

  1. How supportive was your family with your decision to be in a Digital World, leaving your engineering career?

It wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. You see, I live in a village and a GOVT. Job is a huge deal here and everything else is just not quite as good. My Parents are Govt officers so I thought they would expect me to be the same but they were quite okay when I told them that I want to be in this area, they said they were okay with it because they believed in me and that I would go great.

If your parents are supportive, there’s nothing better.

  1. What are your plans for the Future?

I have a few things coming up. I am going to start a new animated series for my Instagram and with brands, I am working on 2 new campaigns that will give digital Marketing a whole new Perspective.

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