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Musician BHUPESH BANSAL reveals his inspiration



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Punjabis have always been known for their savvy beats, and now more than ever, as they rule the Bollywood.
Bhupesh Bansal is from a small town in Bathinda in Punjab and is a great musician. He is a versatile artist, entrepreneur, illustrator.
Bhupesh’s music is very close to everyone’s hearts and is now all set to release a new EP.

We asked him about who his inspiration is and we are not surprised. Bhupesh did not take more than a second to answer this, which tells us that he is sure, absolutely sure.
John Mayer! Well, we asked why and he gave us a look, but still explained.

Bhupesh says, “John is one of the best musicians in the World. He has won like 6 Grammys, and is an absolute Guitar legend.”
He asked us if we have heard his new album, which gives the 80’s Toto vibe because it’s only him who can pull this off.

Bhupesh Bansal tries to imitate the legend in his music. We can’t wait to hear his new EP which will be out soon and the details will be on his Instagram.

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