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Meet Doc Dalton The Depressed Poet who is turning life around for not only himself but for countless others with his simple common-sense approach to life



doc daltom

The Depressed Poet understands the difference between jumping into bed to hide from the world and jumping out a window to leave it. Now he is turning life around for not only himself but for countless others with his simple common-sense approach to life.  It is time to meet, Doc Dalton.

He has suffered with depression for over 25 years. Because of this he walked away from 2 different cable television shows and 3 radio shows because he felt like he could not go on another day. He was involved in the world of pro-wrestling where the exact same thing took place, he just walked away. States Doc, I have been walking away for ever while always landing up at the same place, confused, frustrated, sad and scared.

He has been hospitalized on several different occasions for this. While there a doctor suggested he try his hand at poetry and Doc claims his world started to change almost immediately because he wrote about things he never even thought of before. His mind was on a mental vacation so to speak which gave him relief. State’s Dalton, I do not consider myself a great or even good writer/poet because I am not and that is the truth. What I am is a man who stumbles through his words, so he can make it through his days.

At this point in his life he picks and choses what he wants to do, when he wants to do it and how he wants to do. When you have mental illness, you are not in control of yourself. Your days are not your own and neither are your nights. You must pick and choose when it is the right time for you to do something because many times it is not say’s The Depressed Poet.

He now concentrates on poetry, podcasting, 3 Simple Steps to creating business success, and even public speaking where he explains to people how they need to set their lives in a controlled fashion while living in an un-controllable world. Sometimes it is easier than you think and if done correctly, it can bring you peace of mind. You need to find things that are important to you and work them in a positive way even when at times, your personal life is not positive.

Doc is now the host of the podcast, The Coffee and Prayer Series where topics can range from anything to everything in a calm fashion, but mental health is always somehow included.

The great thing about this is, I can do this anytime I feel OK and right now I am even 8 weeks ahead just in case I get ill and I cannot do it. This way I never need to worry about falling behind claims Doc.

Poetry is an anytime type thing. When I feel good, I write meaning when I can, I do so. Doc even has a book coming out in the Spring of 2021 titled, Coffee and a Prayer. A collection of short stories and poems and this will be followed by a second book in late 2021 titled, Sometimes I am Not OK.

His 3 Simple Steps to Success all started when one day, Doc wrote down on a piece of paper how he would like business to be for him, if he could have it is way and how success could be gained even when someone is suffering in countless different ways. After writing down all that he had hoped for, he started searching for a company where his thoughts would fit into their structure. Doc found that company and he is happy to say he is both lucky and blessed to be associated with them. He set his 3 Simple Steps up in such a manner that even a child could do it and personally, he has gained success while only working 10 hours per week when he can. Anyone can do this because it is too good to pass up.

As far as public speaking, he can be found talking about mental illness, simple success, putting your life in order so you have some type of control for yourself and you can even find him reading his poetry from time to time in front of a group of people.

Yes, he may be known as The Depressed Poet, but some people are now calling him, America’s Simple Man for the approach he has taken to not only make his life better, but the lives of countless others.

To learn more about Doc Dalton, you can visit his website at:

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