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Mia Ventura- Model, Social Media Influencer and OnlyFans star who has the world at her bases



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This former fitness coach at the IDF has taken the world of social media and glamour by storm.,

There are some gorgeous beings whose attractive personality makes them get noticed on a global scale. Their work get noticed, gaining them massive recognition within no time, and looks really plays a veritably big part in achieving this. The modelling assiduity has come across numerous similar stunners who have rocked the scene and gained insane fashionability owing to their aesthetics and enigmatic presence. Mia Ventura is surely one of them who has taken over the world of modelling in her own way. piecemeal from that, she also holds the arm of social media, being an influencer who has a humongous following. She’s amongst the many individualities who has managed to sculpt her own distinct niche and produce a strong base around these diligence which are possibly competitive.

Mia credits her drop-dead gorgeous aesthetics to her lineage which bed back to Spain and Greece as her parent hail from these countries. She has spent her growing up times in Jerusalem, who stepped into the world of glamour at 18. Her stunning aesthetics had the assiduity take notice, and soon she was on the roll, getting pearl offers. Her on camera presence made the modelling assiduity go berserk. still, she left her flourishing career interior to join the Israeli Defense Force as a fitness coach.

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With time, she realized that modelling was her calling and soonafter changed tracks to pursue her passion. Her comeback was well entered, and soon she gained the position of a supermodel working for the biggest brands. Her charm captured wide attention, and soon she was each over social media, garnering netizens attention big time. Her Instagram@therealmia55 alone boasts of further than 5 lakh followers, which is emotional.

She also worked as a flight attendant for a brief period before the epidemic took its risk on the assiduity. Her social media is beaming with her trip filmland, which has made her fashionability soar to the coming position.

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