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The story of Mostafa Abedini, a professional Iranian model, entering the field of singing



The story of Mostafa Abedini a professional Iranian model entering the field of singing

Mostafa Abedini, a popular Iranian model and singer, won the title of the most attractive singer in Iran from his fans.

He started modeling in 2014. In spite of many difficulties, Mostafa Abedini was able to strengthen his foothold in Iranian modeling and engage in international activities and shine in the fashion shows of countries such as UAE, Oman, Qatar, etc. He has also collaborated with international brands such as Hoffmann, Giorgio Armani, etc. He has also had significant activity in billboard advertising projects and teasers.

But it didn’t take long before he decided to enter the singing field professionally in 2018. As a child, he nurtured this dream in his head and even since he was a teenager, he has focused on singing. Mostafa Abedini created a controversy in the music world with songs such as Kari Kan, Eshgh, Mastam Kan, etc.

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