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Mohd J Asfour – turned his life from rags to riches



Mohd J Asfour – turned his life from rags to riches

You are in control of turning your life from rags to riches as long as you have the will to do so. There are a few people in this world, who know how to turn destiny in their favor. Similar is the case with Mohd J Asfour. Asfour put efforts towards something worthwhile and become successful. But, keep in mind, that no matter how simple this journey of success sounds, in reality it is not. It will be easy for the people to begin a career very early in life. However, only a few people deal with the hurdles and struggles that come with it and rare those who even overcome those hardships in life to prove their courage and spirit in their respective industries.

About his life

A Jordanian American Asfour has completed his engineering in Electrical Power and energy from Princess Sumaya University of Technology (PSUT), Amman, Jordan & graduated in 2018. In 2019, he went to America to complete his MBA. After that, he began his career as an electrical engineer at Fawaz Al Hokair real estate company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He then  moved to Dammam for a building project “Al-Nakheel Mall” with the same organization.

He launched his LR apparel brand in the industry. It has made LR Group gain the net worth of $ 2.4 million. LR Shoes was another launch in the world of the fashion industry. Today, he has been at the top of the chart, and it is not just a name in the world of the household brand. He uses all the modern tactics and strategies that involve endorsements and product placement. He is highly concerned about his brand, organization and has a high-level of knowledge in his field.

How to contact him?

You can follow him on his Instagram account and learn more about him on the social network.

Asfour has a huge fan following that can make his prestige in the industry and in this way, he uses the best way to promote business on social media. He has built his trust in industry. Trust takes time to build. Thus, in the event that he speaks emphatically about a brand, at that point their followers are bound to trust them. The greatest expert of advertising is the one who encourages his trust in the business and improves his image’s credibility.

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