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Monsoon books combo ‘Thoughts of a Bookworm’ and ‘Direct from The Heart’ – Yashi Lath



Monsoon books combo ‘Thoughts of a Bookworm and ‘Direct from The Heart – Yashi Lath

Yashi Lath has recently published her new poetry books titled ‘Thoughts of a Bookworm’ and ‘Direct from The Heart’. Yashi Lath has expressed her thoughts and her perspective about the world and various themes of literature in her poetry books. The book titled. ‘Thoughts of a Bookworm’ is a poetry book that explores the world of a bookworm who observes the world from a bookworm perspective the book includes poems and thoughts of a bookworm from her unique perspective. The themes of the poems and thoughts are based on our daily lifestyle and the readers will relate to the themes of the poems of this book.

Monsoon books combo ‘Thoughts of a Bookworm and ‘Direct from The Heart – Yashi Lath

The second book titled ‘Direct from The Heart’ is a small tribute to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The book includes several poems about different themes of literature. Yashi lath has written the poems with the help of her two best friends who are her pen and her journal. The themes of the poems are based on the themes such as cohesiveness and unity, the beauty of nights, and the significance of friendship. Some poems in this book will give a glimpse of the special meanings of the world.

(Yashi Lath)

According to Yashi lath poetry is a way of expressing emotions that are mixed with the author’s emotions, feelings, and imagination. Yashi lath has mixed her creative thinking with her imagination. She has tried to connect herself with the emotions of nature and the world while writing.

The two books will take the readers on a wonderful journey of the themes of literature. The readers will relate to the themes of literature from the author’s perspective. The readers will feel that they are in the carnival of emotions and feelings. Both books are available in the paperback version. Thoughts of a Bookworm is available on Amazon and ‘Direct from The Heart’ is available on the notion press platform.

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