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Nadia Shahril Menon, A Social Media Influencer, Has Finally Found Her Passion In Life




Covid-19 has changed social media interactions and a growing tribe of creators put forward their content on social media. Several factors were involved in the rapid expansion of the influencer industry during the viral pandemic. With most people staying at home during the country-wide lockdown, screen time surged dramatically across all age groups, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups. This provided more people with ample opportunities to evolve and invent their content. One such individual is Nurul Nadia Bte Rudy Shahril.
Nurul Nadia Bte Rudy Shahril, more commonly known as Nadia Shahril Menon is a social media influencer from Dubai. She is a content creator in the niches of beauty,fashion and lifestyle.She started her journey as an influencer amid the lockdown in Dubai. TikTok was at its peak during those days and she loved how inspiring the content creators were. She loved the concept of being provided with a platform to showcase her talent to people from all around the world. Nadia says that her TikTok journey was experimental and short-lived. Soon, she was intrigued by Instagram and discovered the term “influencer”. She felt that Instagram is a much easier platform for her to get discovered as well as to connect with various agencies and brands. Hence, she decided to begin her Instagram influencer journey.
While talking about the hurdles faced by her, Nadia says that there was no one to help her or show the ropes. She tried to learn more about this industry through the internet but there were no clear steps or guidelines available. She signed up for a course hosted by a famous influencer but after a few sessions, she felt that it was still vague. This made her realize that she has to do this on her own. She started observing famous influencers and creators and tried to recreate it with a twist of her originality. After a few tries, Nadia succeeded and was discovered by agencies. Now, she tries to guide young influencers with the hope of breaking the old taboo of keeping the influencer trade a secret. 
Nadia’s typical day is filled with various activities. First and foremost, she tends to her family and then moves on to content creation. The content would then require meticulous editing before the final piece is up to her satisfaction.She has a small setup in a room where she creates makeup, skincare, and styling videos. When she’s invited to an event, she starts by planning her outfit and looks for the event. Nadia says that everything requires proper planning.
Nadia is motivated by the love and passion she has in her to be creative. She has found her happiness and always aims to work hard and execute it well. Every piece she posts on social media has her name on it and she ensures that it is up to her standards, no matter the brand. She is grateful that she has the freedom to make her own decisions on who she wants to work with, at her own time and pace. Currently, she is working with brands whom she never imagined would notice her work. Nadia says that she is happy to keep hustling for more recognition along with the support from her family and audience.
Nadia’s definition of success is discovering what makes you happy and working on it every day. Success is not a destination, success is a journey. You should focus on working hard and success will welcome you with open arms. Always choose the path that will keep you happy in the long run. She further says to not let anyone control your interests or judge you for being yourself. The only one who judges you is The Almighty.

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