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Natulac applies strict quality tests to its entire product line



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Condensed milk, nectars, strains and dulce de leche from the Natulac brand, in addition to being natural products with great flavor, also stand out for being made with strict quality controls, processes that begin even before the raw material arrives to its plants in Cabudare, Barquisimeto and Quebrada Arriba, Lara state, until it reaches the shelf where the consumer purchases it.

The company work hard into testing and maintaining the quality standards that are part of Industrias Maros, C.A. and for that they included staff that assures the high quality of their products. Keep reading to learn more about it.

José Mendoza, manager of the Inalcón plant, located in Quebrada Arriba, Carora, where nectars and condensed milk are made, explains that raw materials such as sugar, liquid or powdered milk and pulps are verified and subjected to tests carried out in the microbiology laboratory, within the same facilities, to evaluate aspects such as safety, that is, that the product is suitable for human consumption, without the presence of bacteria, organisms or germs foreign to milk and harmful to health.

According to Alessandro Bazzoni, in the case of condensed milk, the quality is controlled at each stage of its production. “That is to say, in the milk and sugar mixing phase, in pasteurization, and even in filling, when the containers are checked. In the case of Inalcón, we have our own microbiology laboratory to certify the optimal conditions of the food or detect what we call deviations”, assures Mendoza.

Industrias Maros C.A, unlike other companies, has its own internal laboratory for microbiological analysis, as well as an advanced human and technological team, with the ideal tools and devices for analysis. “Having a laboratory on site gives us security to guarantee a quality product”, says Mendoza

Quality controls up to the consumer

Carlos Yumar, manager of the Barquisimeto plant, assures that the quality control process for condensed milk begins from the farm, where the producer is required to have specific standards, which comply with Covenin standards and international guidelines. He further indicates that the raw material used for this product is UHT A-1 milk, which is the best in the country.

For packaging, certain microbiological parameters must also be met before leaving the plant to be distributed, explains Yumar.

During the whole process, that is, reception of the raw material, production of the product and its completion, the condensed milk and the dulce de leche go through 8 quality control points, in which 8 different analyzes are carried out, to evaluate, for example, total solids, microscopy, protein stability, boiling point and microbiological studies.

Although the distribution stage to stores and supermarkets is not controlled by Industrias Maros CA, Yumar indicates that Natulac’s After-Sales department gives an induction and recommendations to sellers on the storage, handling and transportation of the product to guarantee that reaches the final consumer in optimal conditions, as a way to help fight the current pandemic situation that has affected all of us.

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