The fully updated Tesla Model S/X move from drive to reverse automatically by EVs, says Elon Musk

The fully updated Tesla Model SX move from drive to reverse automatically by EVs says Elon Musk

A week ago, Tesla uncovered a comprehensive update for the Model S and Model X and if you can look past all the insane performance specifications of the Plaid and Plaid Plus models, it is the redone interiors of the duo that have triggered the most features.

The feature is the yoke-style steering wheel of the new models. Not only is its shape rather strange however it needs traditional buttons and stalks.

That is fascinating, as the pre-facelift Model S and Model X, as well as the Model 3 and Model Y, have column shifters. So how would you move in the new Model S and Model X? Elon Musk has the appropriate response.

Reacting to a tweet asking simply that, Musk uncovered that the EVs can automatically select the drive and reverse by using the vehicles’ cameras, sensors, and navigation system. He added that drivers can override this system with controls through the touchscreen.

Exactly how well will Tesla’s systems work to automatically move between drive and reverse? That stays not yet clear, yet the system could be tested in poorly-lit parking garages where a GPS signal can be dodgy, best case scenario.

Given how rapidly EVs accelerate, drivers should be cautious when doing slow-speed maneuvers, in case they collide with a wall or another car.

Like with the yoke, there is likewise an inquiry concerning the legality of such a system. Motor Trend as of late contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to check whether it is lawful to not have a traditional gear selector however presently can’t seem to hear back.

Regardless of whether such a setup is considered lawful in the U.S., Tesla could confront regulatory obstacles in different nations where the updated Model S and Model X will be sold.