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New York to Host Japanese Sukeban’s World Premiere of New Anime Wrestling Joshi Promotion’s Inaugural Event on September 21



New York to Host Japanese Sukeban's World Premiere of New Anime Wrestling Joshi Promotion's Inaugural Event on September 21

Sukeban, a new Joshi promotion with American roots, will make its New York debut later this month. The promotion’s inaugural event will take place at The Capitale in Manhattan on September 21. Sukeban was revealed as the title today (Sept. 1), and we also learned that the “World Premiere” will be placed on Sept. 21 at Capitale, a former bank that now serves as an event venue in Manhattan’s The Bowery. A press statement discloses that most of the wrestlers are portraying the characters, who at first look resemble those in GLOW’s successor WOW. A trailer confirms rumors that the promotion will contain anime characteristics.

The World Premiere event for Sukeban, the first Joshi women’s wrestling organization outside of Japan with a wholly Japanese roster, will take place on September 21, 2023, at Capitale in New York City. Sukeban will harken back to the heyday of Joshi wrestling to showcase the genuine, hard-hitting, spectacular Joshi experience, including the strongest women’s roster in North America.

The purchase of tickets for the performance began on Friday at 10 a.m. ET. The company has since reported that they sold out within two hours of going on sale.

Sukeban introduces a fresh facet to American professional wrestling. This is an opportunity to display joshi, a style of physical Japanese women’s wrestling.

The best of Japan’s talent will be shown for a wrestling public thirsty for more high-caliber contests, featuring the first-ever Sukeban main event between Unagi Sayaka and Coutness Saori. The bulk of the women’s names will be changed for licensing purposes; in this case, Saori will wrestle under the name Saori Anou and Sayaka will do so as Ichigo Sayaka in Sukeban. The winner of the contest will next compete for the Sukeban world title, which will be decided during the second promotional show.

The launch’s timing is smart. The day before the Sukeban performance, on September 20, AEW’s Grand Slam takes place. The promotion plans to incorporate anime into its concept, offering the chance for real expansion both within and outside of the world of wrestling. Sukeban’s in-ring action, however, will be its main draw. Its roster includes rising stars Arisa Nakajima and Risa Sera, who hope to build on their success in America.

“Featuring the strongest women’s roster in North America, Sukeban will hearken back to the glory days of Joshi wrestling to present the authentic, hard-hitting, phenomenal Joshi experience,” a press release for the promotion reads.

The headline of the show will feature Saori Anou, who is presently one-half of the Goddess of Stardom Champions alongside Natsupoi, competing against former Future of Stardom Champion Unagi Sayaka. While in Sukeban, both wrestlers will take on new names. Sayaka will compete under the name Ichigo Sayaka, and Anou will use the ring name Countess Saori. The promotion’s second event, which has not yet been given a date or venue, will feature the winner of the match competing for the Sukeban World Championship.

“The Sukeban name is an ode to the girl gangs of the 1960s and 1970s that helped bring feminism to the forefront of Japan. Sukeban’s roster features many of the world’s best wrestlers portraying new characters that they have helped influence and create. The company’s four stables, The Vandals, Harajuku Stars, Cherry Bomb Girls, and Dangerous Liaisons, feud with one another to reach the apex of Sukeban,” the press release continues.

Other talent announced for the promotion include: 

  • Ram Kaichow as Atomic Banshee
  • Kaori Yoneyama as Otaku-chan
  • AOI as Midnight Player
  • Maya Yukihi as Maya Mamushi
  • Yuu as Crush Yuu
  • SAKI as Saki Bimi
  • Ancham as Babyface
  • Riko Kaiju as Riko Blondie
  • Arisa Nakajima as Commander Nakajima
  • Risa Sera as Lady Antoinette
  • Miyuki Takase as Queen of Hearts

At the premiere, the promotion will also reveal its championship belt and announce plans to tour the country with its shows:

Sukeban’s debut event will take place in New York, and there will be more to come both domestically and internationally. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks. Sukeban is prepared to grow operations globally and tap into a variety of profitable revenue streams thanks to ambitious growth plans and a strategic focus on its content ecosystem.

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