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Nicole Scherzinger’s Ageless Beauty Courtesy of Simon Ourian’s Coolaser



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Nicole Scherzinger, famed for singing with the Pussycat Dolls, recently showed off her new, natural appearance in place of her usual glammed-up look. The 42-year-old singer drew raves from admirers of her fresh and beautiful face at the beach, and she credited Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills for the transformation.

All that was needed was a simple office procedure using Coolaser technology to tighten the skin, minimize blemishes and larger pores and create a healthy glow. The Coolaser treatment uses intense pulses of light to remove fine lines and wrinkles and other skin damage in a resurfacing procedure that cools the skin before vaporizing the surface layers of skin where blemishes develop. The treatment works on acne and dozens of other skin imperfections.

Nicole Scherzinger posted a selfie on Instagram, where she thanked Dr. Simon Ourian for his Coolaser treatment. Other celebrities have also praised the procedure, including Kim Kardashian and Jenna Dewan. Kardashian got treated for its ability to promote all-over skin radiance, and Dewan used Coolaser to treat melasma.

The treatment takes as few as 15 minutes, and Scherzinger paused Dr. Ourian and his Epione Beverly Hills practice, “Thank you to my amazing dermatologist @simonourianmd1.”

The amazing Coolaser treatment is only available at Epione Beverly Hills. There are other laser skin resurfacing options, but none produce results as well as the Coolaser. However, some precautions are warranted, such as avoiding intense sun exposure for a few weeks. You should avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications for 10 days prior to getting the procedure.
You can get the details, shoulg you want to know more about the Coolaser treatment, at

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