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#PortfolioDay: What Is It? Why and How to Participate and Involve in Innovative Job Fair?



#PortfolioDay What is it Why and How It Is Celebrated

You’re not alone if you’ve ever questioned why #PortfolioDay starts trending on your Twitter feed out of nowhere and continues to do so a few days later. Portfolio Day is meant to be a day for creatives to share their work on Twitter with the hashtag #PortfolioDay, but often it appears to go on for weeks because no one can agree on the exact date.

While there is nothing wrong with this per se, it does help the hashtag when everyone posts their art and design portfolios at the same time. Artists and creatives appear to share their portfolios pretty much every day of the year. In light of this, we decided to respond to a few often-asked questions on the event.

What is #PortfolioDay?

Every three months, on Portfolio Day, artists and creatives can present their online portfolios in the hopes of growing their followings on Twitter and finding freelancing or paid positions. It’s a great method to push yourself to constantly update your portfolio, and it can open up the door to not only more business but also some amazing new creative contacts.

At this point, we should also remind you that you don’t have to wait until Portfolio Day to look at our design jobs board if you are seeking for a new job.

A career artist must frequently switch between performances. You must be an expert in your field and a master at self-promotion because you are constantly looking for your next project.

A kind of innovative job fair called #PortfolioDay largely occurs on social media. To interact with other professionals in the community and find clients, creatives searching for employment will submit examples of their work along with the hashtag. The tag is then used by customers to find artists to hire!

The goal of the event is to make it simpler for clients to locate their next dream artist and for artists to find clients. Now, every #PortfolioDay, thousands of artists from all around the world share their work!

When is #PortfolioDay?

There has been some disagreement regarding the precise date of Portfolio Day. Ben The Illustrator was so perplexed about the event’s time that he turned to Twitter to seek clarification from other creatives, many of whom shared his confusion.

The situation was explained by Audrey Gonzalez, who also mentioned that Portfolio Day occurs every three months on the second Tuesday of the month. The following two in 2019 are therefore set for 9 July and 8 October, giving you plenty of time to organize your portfolio before these dates.

Can I view your portfolio at any time? Yes, but since more people will be monitoring the hashtag on the ‘official’ #PortfolioDay, you’re definitely less likely to catch their attention.

Should you get involved in #PortfolioDay?

There is no excuse for you not to participate in Portfolio Day when all it takes is sending a tweet with a few examples of your work, a link to where people can see more, and the hashtag. Of course, you may also add more pertinent hashtags to specify exactly what kind of creative you are, such as #illustration or #3dartist.

To identify what stands out, it’s also important to look at how other people are sharing their work and what has received the most attention. Here are a few of our recent favorites using the hashtag. And sure, not every one of them was distributed on the ideal day.

How do I participate?

Write a post that includes the following if you are an artist searching for work during the current #PortfolioDay:

  • A short intro.
  • The kind of work you’re looking for.
  • Relevant experience.
  • A link to your portfolio.
  • A way to contact you.
  • Add the #PortfolioDay hashtag! Very important!
  • And attach 4 of your strongest works!

Are you worried that bots may be using your photographs without your knowledge to gather datasets? Here are some more tips for safeguarding your work:

  • Only upload web-sized images to the internet
  • Watermark everything
  • Crop images shared on social media
  • Keep your portfolio behind a password or paywall

How do I find an artist to hire?

That’s simple! Go to your preferred social media platform and enter “#PortfolioDay + (other pertinent search terms)” in the search field. From there, you can filter submissions using advanced search as you see fit.

When is the next #PortfolioDay?

Never wait too long to celebrate #PortfolioDay again! The second Tuesday in January, April, July, and October is designated as #PortfolioDay. Plan by looking at this calendar. Keep in mind that luck happens when chance meets preparedness!

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