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“Project Sekai” Sanrio Characters collaboration character graphics and more released all at once



Project Sekai Sanrio Characters collaboration character graphics and more released all at once

The web program “Project Sekai Pro Seka Broadcasting Station #2” will be distributed by Sega, and it will provide the most recent updates on the Android/iOS game “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku” (Project Sekai), which was developed in collaboration with Colorful Palette. An announcement was made regarding the collaboration with Sanrio.

Information about the Sanrio Characters collaboration is revealed!

An announcement has been made regarding a sequel to the Sanrio Characters partnership. The dates of the collaboration are December 5 through December 19. The character combinations for this collaboration were revealed for every unit on the show.

★4Collaboration characters are listed below. Moreover, an illustration following the special training was also made public. The collaboration★4 members will also receive exclusive avatar accessories like `{Sanrio Characters headbands,” in addition to the live costumes.

You will receive a “Hello Kitty Apple” item that functions similarly to the Live Bonus Drink (Large) if you log in during the collaboration. Furthermore, a login story will be accessible if you log in during the collaboration.

Moreover, 4-frame comics and collaborative commemorative illustrations will be published on the official X of the same work, in addition to the avatar costume “Hello Kitty Full Set” that can be bought at the virtual shop.

Announcement of in-game events etc.

One announcement after another has been made, all focusing on December-based in-game events.

Song details

A total of five songs will be added in order.

A virtual singer version of Ienu’s song “Overcode,” which was selected for “Let’s Make it together! The 18th Music Contest Proseca NEXT,” will be included as the first song.

The second song is “Showtime x Audience” by Wataru Sena, which has a virtual singer version and was featured in “Project SEKAI UNIT IMAGE ALBUM SEKAI NO OTO vol.1”.

“Sayonara Princess” by KAI is the third song; MORE MORE JUMP! includes both the virtual singer version and the Sekai version of the song.

The fourth song is “Hearing-impaired Danshi ga Canai” by Lamaze P, which features both a solo 3DMV for Kagamine Rin and a virtual singer version.

Rokuro’s “Slow Downer” is the fifth song. The night code is 25:00. includes both the virtual singer version and the Sekai version of the song.

There will be a third “unit song” to mark the promotion’s anniversary. Giga wrote this song, which is a Vivid BAD SQUAD unit song. In December, this unit song will be added in anticipation of the January 2024 World Link event by Vivid BAD SQUAD. There will be an additional cut of the 3DMV for this unit song when the World Link event takes place. Additionally, a unit event with limited members gacha will also take place at the same time.

We’ll keep adding newly composed songs. At 25:00 on Night Code, a brand-new song by Iori Kanzaki will be performed. given to.

Christmas login campaign held

It has been decided to hold a Christmas login campaign as Christmas draws nearer this year. You can obtain “[Stamp] Merry Christmas” and “Fragments of Thoughts x 100” if you log in between December 24 and December 25. In addition, from December 22 to December 26, there will be sales of brand-new Christmas costumes.

The dates of Christmas 2023 Live are December 24 and December 25. You can obtain a limited title by taking part in this virtual live.

Announcement of selected works such as “2nd Proseca ULTIMATE”

Announcing the selected works for “2nd Proseca ULTIMATE”!

The pieces that have been selected for the `{2nd Proseca ULTIMATE”, a public competition project that focuses on exceptionally challenging songs, have been revealed. The three songs that took home the trophy were “Ogyarinaizaa” by Ponchi♪, “Daijobu Deka?” by cosMo@BousouP, and “Memoria” by Aira. The game will incorporate these songs.

Declaring the works that have been selected for the “37th Project Sekai Costume Design Campaign”

The ”37th Let’s Create Together! Project Sekai Costume Design Campaign” has revealed the selected works.

“Tea Party” is the theme for this time. Mr. Left Brain’s “Drop Sugar Tea party!” was the women’s winning entry. The male winner was Morimoto’s work “Royal Holiday.”

The winning entries for honorable mention were also revealed. Sara Shimotsuki’s “Wonder Tea Party” and Sasami’s “Wonder Tea Made” were the women’s honorable mention winners. The two works for men that were given honorable mention were “Classical Kanojo no Tea Set” by Nana Nanasaki and “It’s Tea Time!” by Mame Mame.

The ”19th Let’s Make Together! Music Contest Proseca NEXT” and the ”38th Let’s Make Together! Project Sekai Costume Design Campaign” is currently accepting applications. “Songs of Youth” is the theme of “Song Contest ProSeca NEXT,” and “Cherry Blossoms” is the theme of “Project Sekai Costume Design Campaign.”

The event “Sekai Symphony 2024”

The decision has been made to hold “Sekai Symphony 2024” in Yokohama and Osaka. The event will take place in two locations: Pacifico Yokohama National Hall on June 8 and the Main Hall of the Osaka International Conference Center on July 20.

Additionally, a special guest costume exhibition has been scheduled for the Tower Records Shibuya store to honor the November 29th release of the “Sekai Symphony 2023” Blu-ray software. Apart from the outfits worn by Noguchi and Isobe, there will also be a display of Nakajima’s costume, which she was unable to wear in the movie.

Further details about “SEKARAI 3rd” released

There has also been more information made available regarding “Project Sekai’s” 3DCG live “Project Sekai COLORFUL LIVE 3rd – Evolve -” (Sekarai 3rd).

Initially, on December 1st, at 13:00, applications for “venue pickup” of Sekarai 3rd goods will be accepted. Venue pickup is an online pre-ordering system that allows you to pick up your items at the sales location at the time and date of your selection. Compared to standing in line for “same-day goods sales,” you can receive your items more quickly and worry less about them running out.

Furthermore, the complete version of the guidelines for appreciating live performances has just been finished and published. Later, this video will also be available on the official “Sekarai” X website.

A wealth of information regarding games

The students of “Proseca Academy” have been selected!

A group of ten students have been selected to participate in `{Proseca Academy,” a program that aims to develop and produce young artists. Once these students have participated in two programs, they will each compose one Vocaloid song. Early in January 2024, the first distribution is expected to be made available on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube. In the ProSeca game, one song selected by fans will be included in a Sekai version.

Unit planning renewal

The unit project renewal, it was declared “a great deal,” with “Sekai no Game Weather” being the first to be unveiled. This is a YouTube video of characters playing a retail game. A later date will be used to announce the release date.

Held in conjunction with Hatsune Miku’s 16th anniversary and NicoNico Douga, the “Single picture video submission festival”

The 16th anniversary of Hatsune Miku and Nico Nico Douga are teaming up to create a collaborative project called the “Single Picture Video Submission Festival.” NicoNico Douga is hosting a festival called “One Picture Posting Festival” wherein music videos can be uploaded with just one picture. Proseca features several well-known single-picture music videos, including “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku,” “Romeo and Cinderella,” and “Vampire,” which date back to the early days of Vocaloid culture. The intention behind this event is to hopefully spark the rebirth of a work of art of this caliber.

The song with the highest overall ranking will be featured in “Project Sekai” and the winner will get a 50,000 yen Amazon gift card.

The event is scheduled to take place on Nico Nico Douga on December 8 from 0:00 to 17:00.

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